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Meditations and out of body experience


Auf dieser Seite werden wechselnde Meditationen und Astralreisen vorgestellt.

Zünde eine Kerzen an zu Ehren des göttlichen Lichts und mache es dir an einem ruhigen Ort gemütlich. 🕯️

Fülle- und Wohlstands-Frequenzen ⭐️ mit hochschwingender Meditation  🎉

Fülle- und Wohlstands-Frequenzen ⭐️ mit hochschwingender Meditation 🎉

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Some published herenMeditations were inspired from the Essene Scriptures or from the book "Ascent for Earth and Mankind" byDiana Cooper . 

Theres video is part of:  Shasta-SaturnMeditations (click) 

The Saturn Journey Video can be purchased from the link above. The previous and current meditations are also unlocked with wonderful bonus contributions in the e-booksIntergalactic Council - Mahatma Energy (click) - Embassy White Eagle - temple meditation  to stream online. Parts of the meditations were inspired by the books ofDiana CooperMore out of body experiences at: Mind Expanding Meditations


  • Dear Heike! So beautiful and I am so enchanted and touched! Thank you for your actions and work and the love I feel ❤️ Kerstin

  • Such a beautiful, deeply touching meditation with such fantastic images and visions. I can't even close my eyes because the pictures make me feel more emotional. Thanks

  • Thank you very much, dear Heike, that I can have such wonderful experiences through your meditation! Gabi

  • Your meditation was a wonderful gift, for which I thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️! I have been working with St. Germain for many years and I really enjoyed your guidance! Much has been cleansed worldwide with the Violet Flame today! 💚 THANK YOU 💙 for that! Christal

  • I love the 🪐 and I feel a strong connection to Merlin. I could also see you in the journey in my mind's eye. 💙 💖 Thank you for bringing all these wonderful energies together Janine

  • Thank you, dear Heike, St. Germain and everyone involved for this magical journey 🙏♥️🙏 ...I'm even more looking forward to my trip to England in April...✨Glastonbury ✨ Stonehenge ✨ Cornwall, Heike

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