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unicorn travel

With the unicorns through the cosmos

In this meditation we travel with the unicorns into the higher dimensions. To raise our vibration, we experience an energy cleansing with chakra opening at the beginning. Old ancestral karma is dissolved as well as karmic injuries of countries and regions. Parts of the soul are retrieved and healing energies flow in with a pure white light. The unicorns support us in recognizing and living our soul's purpose and destiny. We ride with these wonderful beings into the seventh dimension to the source of life where we receive a blessing. Unicorn blessing for soul purpose and the source of life.

Scope: 38 pages DIN A4 in pdf format for immediate download.

Incl. bonus link to the video meditation for online streaming for 1 year

The e-book has not yet been edited and proofread. For this reason it is offered with bonus material at a discounted pre-sale price of:EUR 29.99 incl. VAT (D)- other countries may vary

Payment is processed via DigiStore24. Seller: Heike Michaelsen – imprint

introductory video

to the e-book will follow shortly


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