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Diana Cooper

Out of body experience, meditation and cosmic knowledge

When I read Diana Cooper's first books many years ago, which were about angels and a sunken continent called "Atlantis", I thought at first that the author was only showing a beautiful world that was good for meditation. Gradually, however, I realized that the books are about much more than just "feeling good". The US bestselling author describes forgotten knowledge as well as visions of the future that seem to be coming true. Especially in this day and age, I think Diana Cooper's books are highly recommended, as they allow us to look to the future with far more confidence than some modern "enlightenment". These positive perspectives are not only good for our health, they also brighten our minds.

The publisher says: "Our world on the way to the fifth dimension: Diana Cooper's fascinating predictions impressively demonstrate the power with which the new energies are transforming our planet. The famous spiritual teacher describes the climatic, economic and social changes that are ahead of us in a detailed and understandable way.”


The Ascension of Earth and Humanity


This book partly imparts knowledge in the manner of a "spiritual cosmic history book", which on the one hand initiates us into "spiritual non-material worlds" of our solar system and on the other hand introduces beings who live in higher dimensions not only on earth but also in the cosmos works. Some of the people mentioned are already known to many of us, such as Jesus and Mary Magdalene, who anchored the love energy in the world especially between man and woman, Joseph of Arimathea and ancient scholars and wise women. In addition, we receive further information on well-known spiritual beings such as archangels Metraton, Michael, Sandalphon etc., the magician Thoth or Merlin, the thunder god Thor or the water god Poseidon and many more. In addition, we also get to know beings of higher dimensions, which are probably still quite unknown to most, for example divine masters like Lady Portia, also master Pan or various dragon masters. The kingdom of dragons is presented in several chapters as well as the guardians of the four elements water, earth, air and fire and information on the twin flames at the time of Lemuria or Lemuria.

The book offers a variety of visualization exercises and even meditations using crystals or for more effective planning work. Read the text of the meditations first and see if they resonate with you. If so, you can do the meditation.

2032 - THE GOLDEN AGE - Birth of a new civilization


In this unique book, the best-selling author describes the five Golden Ages that we have already experienced on Earth, starting with Angala, the eternal cosmic moment, through Petranuim of lush Africa, to Mu, Flame of Wisdom, the Crystal Age Lemuria or the last Golden Age of Atlantis, which found its final conclusion in 2012. From 2012 to 2032 we are in a kind of transition phase before 2032 the entire universe will enter the 5th dimension and the new golden age will be ushered in powerfully. This will be such that people in spiritual communities live in harmony with each other, as well as with nature, animals, plant life, Mother Earth and the cosmos. They have learned to share and to create for the good of all. With this behavior they are creating a new civilization where there are no more borders and passports and everyone feels welcome anywhere in the world. Spiritual technologies will arrive that vibrate higher than those of Atlantis. From 2050 we will have the opportunity to travel the universes with our crystalline body. In this book, the author also makes predictions for the countries of the world, what to expect where and whether existing karma has already been resolved. 

Wise dragons - powerful and loving helpers in the new era


Dragons are elementals that have walked the earth since Mu and Lemuria, the Golden Ages. They consist of one, two or three elements (water, air, fire, earth) and are the guardians of wisdom and love. Like the angels, unicorns and nature spirits, they do not have free will as this can separate beings from the guided soul level. As creatures in reptilian form, they often have a bad reputation, which the author of the following book and many people who truly work with dragons, , cannot attest to. Wise dragons are described as kind-hearted beings who spread the Christ light and serve the world, people, and even the entire universe.

Much valuable knowledge is shared in this book about the dragon elementals that have been at work on Earth since the third Golden Age of Mu. Those who connect with the dragons today can use their wisdom to bring back the energies of the Golden Ages of Lemuria and Atlantis. The bestselling author shows in many practical meditations how the reader can participate. The focus is always on connecting the earth and the cosmos with love and light. Aids can be, among other things, Lemurian crystals, which contain so-called scanner codes and in which valuable knowledge has been imprinted. Other topics Leylines / Leylinien, Hohlerde and many other mystical topics. In addition, all types of dragons are presented: The dragons of the different Golden Ages, the dragons of the planets and moons, the archangel dragons, your personal dragon and dragons of the fifth to seventh dimensions, which can appear in all imaginable colors.

My first contact with dragons: Dragons and dinosaurs have always been very similar creatures for me. As a child, I was already fascinated by fairy tales and myths involving dragons. However, these were often killed by a so-called “hero”. I've always felt sorry for these big, powerful beasts, probably because I knew even then that dragons are very different from monsters that need to be slain. When the first kite books appeared on the German market, my attention was rediscovered. Then, in 2016, a physical dragon swam into my life, rising out of the water next to a unicorn. Of course, these weren't two flesh-and-blood beings, but colorful swimming gear that I discovered together with German emigrants on the mystical island of Waiheke in the South Pacific. Since then I know that the time has come for me to turn to these magical beings. Just a few weeks later, I came across a black kite for sale at a spiritual shop in Australia. According to Diana Cooper, a black dragon is said to be an indication that one is on the right path. On this journey I was to rediscover a long-forgotten place that is in the hinterland of Byron Bay. 

Personal notes from the site author

With all the diverse information, I always advise checking what is written with your own intuition. We all carry the truth and wisdom within us because the knowledge of this world is stored in our cells. One finds passages in the text that resonate deeply and others that have the opposite effect.


To give an example:

Many years ago I received the information from my inner voice that Jesus never died on the cross. I was told that he had a holy marriage to Mary Magdalene and that the two went to England, to Glastonbury and from there to Avalon. Years later I read Diana Cooper's book The Rise of Earth and Humanity. In it, the best-selling author describes exactly this fact. That touched me deeply. She even shares the name of the child conceived by Mary Magdalene, who Diana Cooper says was named Sarah. 

After the fall of Atlantis, people explored their free will. With the price they paid came a loss... they lost touch with their soul and their true purpose. The moment you decide to follow free will, you stop listening to the soul. However, as soon as you stray from the soul course, the soul lets you know, for example about an aching body, about things going wrong in your life and similar circumstances.

Critical Notes:

But there are also parts of the book that don't resonate with me, for example that the burning of Joan of Arc at the stake would have been a great initiation for the lady and enabled her to rise spectacularly... I can imagine that you can overcome the elements, including the fire element, and be in harmony with it, but it would not then consume the body. It goes on to say that it would have been God's wish that Jeanne had previously led the French army to victory over the English....  This is what all kinds of films that glorify wars want us to know and it is always a question of one triumphing over the other…. and in the end those who were defeated were the "bad guys" anyway... We know today that both sides can only lose in a war. Nobody emerges from a war as a winner. Thus, wars can never be the means of choice for peace.

"Holy Clare" is also presented as a pioneer who founded an order in which the nuns had to take a vow of poverty... which probably still has an effect many incarnations later. In this day and age, we must undo many such vows in order to return to the fullness that comes naturally. I don't think it's right to demand vows from other people.

Use your own inner resonance to find truth/wisdom

Nevertheless, there is a lot of valuable information in this book. Checked with your own inner resonance, they can convey a lot of valuable knowledge. 

Additional notes:

Jesus is now the Lord of Karma for the Eighth Ray = Bearer of Cosmic Love. Sananda is the higher self of Jesus. The Twin Flame of Sananda is Lady Nada, who is the Guardian of the Seventh Ray of Ritual, Ceremony and Magic that will prevail in the New Golden Age. She teaches ancient healing methods, healing methods, wisdom and cosmic love. 


The four elements

  • Air: unicorns, air god Dom, small exercises are presented, how to move leaves with the help of the sylphs, who can create wind if you ask them. In my opinion, one can also enter into a bond with the element of fire and be supplied with oxygen through other (also spiritual) channels than the breath.

  • Water: Poseidon, dolphins, whales, turtles, sharks (spiritual warriors, keep order), rays from the Pleiades. Water preserves the energetic attainment and passes it on to us when we are ready for it.

  • Fire: Archangel Gabriel and Elemental Master Thoth, Salamander. As a child, I used to squeeze out burning candle wicks, which is a sign of mastering this element. It even goes so far that you can extinguish house or forest fires, like the mold rider. You can also use the light of a fire to spread warmth and happiness.

  • Earth: goddess Gaya, elves, pixies, goblins, dwarves

Leylines are dragon lines of pure golden light, the nervous system of Mother Earth Gaya, established by Master Thoth and installed by the dragons.

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