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marine phytoplankton

Ancient medicine from the sea - Superfood of the Superfoods - Microorganism/algae and ultimate vitamin C, vitamin C from the sea, bioavailable vitamins B12 , vitamin D, minerals and much more

If there is one superfood that outperforms all other superfoods, it's marine phytoplankton. This substance is the basis of all life on earth. Humans, animals and all plants have developed from this substance. Even today, 90 percent of our oxygen is still produced by marine phytoplankton. We would not exist without this super substance, which has an unparalleled nutritional profile and is almost 100 percent bioavailable. Special ingredients include vitamin C, vitamin B 12, omega 3 to name just a few. High-quality marine phytoplankton can only be obtained through mail order.


The superfood
of superfoods

The No. 1 superfood & dietary supplement - for a strong nervous system

Bioavailable vitamin B12, all B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, omega 3 and a variety of minerals... as this is contained in the super delicious soft-tender flakes of marine phytoplankton. In times of extremes, it also supports the nervous system and is considered THE PRIME MEDICINE from the sea. Recommended by Heike Michaelsen, which consumes marine phytoplankton daily. 

Active bioavailable vitamin B 12 and best omega 3

Marine phytoplankton simply contains everything that can only be found individually in many other plants, in a balanced natural proportion. Neben aktivem bioverfügbarem Vitamin B 12 enthält es alle B-Vitamine, Vitamin C, Vitamin E sowie Mineralien, Trace elements, enzymes and much more. This original superfood is also the best vegetable source of omega 3 (long-chain). 

origin of all life
If you had to name a superfood among superfoods that contains almost all nutrients and is also almost 100% bioavailable (most are 50% at best), then it is marine phytoplankton. Because no matter what food or superfood we eat, everything has its origin in marine phytoplankton. It is the ultimate original and the oldest food in the world. Everything was created on it: oxygen, plants, insects, animals and people that would not exist without this super substance. According to NASA, it still produces 90% of the world's oxygen today.

For millions of years, these microscopically small organisms have shaped all life on our planet. It is the first life and food in the world that still exists and has only been made available to the general public for a few years. In the raw food kitchen, marine phytoplankton can also be used as a powerful flavor enhancer and salt substitute.

Where to buy vegan capsules or powder form

The highest quality plankton can be ordered as a powder or in flake form  via the link above. For many years, the marine phytoplankton has been cultivated there in a separate tank and gently dried. This product is also recommended by the Hippocrates Health Institute. As a special and valuable addition, some of the products on offer also contain the world's best MSM (organic sulphur), which is also known under the name OptiMSM (vegane Kapseln).

What raw food experts say: 
David Wolfe has been one of the best-known raw food experts in the field of superfoods and all-natural food supplements for many years. As well as dr. Brian Clement, head of the Hippocrates Health Institute, always emphasizes marine phytoplankton in his lectures, in particular because of the following properties that this "primordial food" is said to have:  

  • improved eyesight

  • supports the nervous system

Marine phytoplankton is, as a single cell, the smallest living thing, so to speak, which supplies the largest living thing in the world with food, namely the blue whale, which can live up to 150 years. Of all mammals, it has the largest brain and the healthiest nervous system.

My experiences:

I was first introduced to this product in 2012 in the Hippocrates Health Institute von Dr. Brian Clement recommended. However, since I had already bought a whole range of dietary supplements and I could not find a supplier in Europe, I had to put the marine phytoplankton on hold for the time being. Over the course of time, during my research on vegan raw food, I kept coming across this product, and so I kept looking for online shops that specifically stock this high-quality product. I finally found what I was looking for and bought the special marine phytoplankton to experience the effect on my own body. It is definitely one of the most potent superfoods out there as it works on both the physical and spiritual levels in my experience. It should be one of the first superfoods to incorporate into your diet. I am therefore pleased that it is now also available in Germany. I think it's highly recommended. You can obtain the "primordial medicine from the sea" as a powder via the link above.

About the Marine Phytoplankton Shop / Heike Michaelsen says: "My experiences with this shop have been extremely good. The products are of the highest quality worldwide and are used by Dr. Recommended as one of the top superfoods by Brian Clement, director of the Hippocrates Health Institute. Delivery is quick and reliable. The team is extremely friendly. The shop is highly recommended.


Small excerpt from the feedback:

  • Thank you very much dear Heike for this great tip. I've been taking the Marine Phyton Plankton daily for about 8 weeks now (put the powder in my smoothie). For me it is an absolute miracle product that I would never want to do without again. After the very first dose, my physical + mental exhaustion disappeared (I can hardly believe it to this day, I have taken so many NEM's against it up until then) and since then I simply feel more energetic, physically + mentally just much fitter. I am prepared for everyday challenges and no longer fall into this well-known deep hole. I can only recommend this ancient medicine from the sea to anyone who cares about their health. - Irmgard Bernhard

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