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Magical moon travel

Super full moon baths & blue moon meditations

This e-book presents wonderful moon meditations on special star constellations, for example a triple super full moon series in which we visit a light ship of the star peoples, travel with the unicorns or get to know other dimensions through a galactic energy vortex._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Bonus links to animated meditations set to music for streaming
1. Activation of the Personal Moon in the Causal Chakra - 14:30 min.

2. Moon Castle of Harmonization Meditation  24:59 min.

3. Bluemoon energy - once to the moon and back again 19:19 min.   
SUPER FULL MOON TRILOGY  with bonus attunement
4. Pink Moon Meditation with Lightship and the Unicorns 1:16:00 min.  
5. Super full moon with lunar eclipse 13:13 min.   
6. Super Full Moon Solstice with Galactic Energy Vortex 41:45 mins  

7. Moon meditation of self-love with light song 13:13 min.
BONUS Video Posts - Moons of New Beginnings     
8. First New Moon of the Year of Heart Intuition    
9. First full moon of the year in the Mondin energy bath     

Scope: approx. 30 pages DIN A4 in pdf format for immediate download plus bonus video links
Discounted pre-sale price because the book has not yet been edited or proofread.
EUR 69.99 incl. VAT (D) - other countries may vary

Payment is processed via DigiStore24. Seller: Heike Michaelsen – imprint


Short video sample

Moon Meditations with the Goddess Frequency

Excerpt from the Moon Meditations

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