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You can find three comprehensive interview videos at the bottom of this page. Just scroll down.

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heal your profession

The path to abundance and purpose

This book presents bestselling author Markus Rothkranz's top 10 tips on how to find your own personal calling and what steps are required to live your destiny. Markus has been pursuing his vocation himself for many years and says: "For many years I have worked continuously towards this moment to be healthy, happy and to achieve my own dreams...  to live the purpose... der to follow your own calling... and much more. That moment is now, for each of us."

E-book reduced introductory price: € 14.95 incl. VAT (D) - pdf format DIN A 4 - 160 pages

Vocation videos

From job to purpose

In the following videos I describe my path from job to vocation.

Additional information: When I stood at the point of upheaval mentioned in the video more than ten years ago (see video also "mirror of truth" in my YouTube channel), where I was put under a lot of pressure by the AG, my doctor recommended that I take sick leave for as long as possible so that I don't immediately come under pressure again with the employment office and a three-month unemployment ban In this way, I was able to take a deep breath and reorient myself in peace.I received money from the health insurance company for almost 1.5 years (which was 60% of my salary after all).During this time, my employer suggested that I mutually terminate the contract with the assurance of very good references and a tenfold severance payment, since I had worked there for more than ten years. After that I was able to receive unemployment benefits for another year and nine months to set up my own business, i.e. over 2.5 years of preparation for my own business. I am still very thankful for.

VIDEO assessment part 2 + 3

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