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Amethyst Infrared Therapy

Effective heat therapy with negative ions and crystals

For some time I have been using the amethyst infrared bio mat, which floods the body with regenerating and warming infrared rays and enriches it by releasing healthy negative ions. The special thing is that dThe infrared rays are brought to a higher frequency of sacred geometry by the amethyst crystals. The set free Ions have a grounding effect similar to waterfalls or walking barefoot in the forest. 

 From the first moment I tried the Biomat, I was very enthusiastic about it
and find this new technology very regenerating and revitalizing. The crystal mat immediately triggered a kind of soothing goosebumps all over the body.
This crystal heat healing mat is also recommended by non-medical practitioner and author Uwe Karstädt in his book "37°: The secret of the ideal body temperature for optimal health".


Since the BioMat is a very high-quality product that is not necessarily affordable for everyone (the BioMat is offered through the shop listed below), I have created a crystal bed meditation below, with the help of which you can enjoy the pleasantly warm and crystalline effect and visualize it yourself. I also share more information about the thermal and crystal-based health mat in the video meditation.


PLEASE NOTE:If you want to buy an IR crystal mat, make sure that
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My experiences:

"I use the BioMat myself on a daily basis. During the day, when I'm working on the computer, I sit on the BioMat Mini, and during the night I sleep on the BioMat Professional, which I specially designed for a softer lying feeling "Quantum Energy Pad". Because of the revitalizing and regenerating experience, I can recommend Richway's BioMat products. I was able to observe positive improvements in myself and others, especially in the area of the autonomic nervous system, chronic inflammation, light body symptoms, back problems, muscle tension and exhaustion.   Some of my YouTube viewers have tried the meditation, without a mat, and also found a relaxing effect."


Welcome to meditation on the Amethyst Infrared Biomat.


This high-frequency pleasantly warm infrared mat made of amythyst and tourmaline crystals is like a high-frequency and deeply restorative crystal bed that can provide deep relaxation in your body/mind-spirit system.


During this session of the video above you will be flooded with a pleasant infrared radiation, which has been brought into a higher vibration by the sacred geometry of the amethyst crystals. On the other hand, your body system is enriched with revitalizing negative ions, which can ensure good grounding, cleansing and invigoration at the cell level. They act like the natural energies of Mother Earth, which you receive, for example, when you walk barefoot over dewy grass, take a walk in a forest or receive the invigorating effects of a beautiful waterfall. You are always completely connected to the love of Mother Earth.


This meditation on the BioMat health mat from Richway offers you deep relaxation down to the cell level with a holistic relaxation and regeneration concept that optimally combines modern science and holistic alternative therapy.


Receive the healing power of gemstones that can transfer both negative and positive charges to your body system. The combination with warming infrared radiation from the long-wave spectrum and the accumulation of negative ions gives you a unique wellness and heat therapy on this health mat, which has been tried and tested for over 20 years and is reliably offered by the BioMat market leader Richway.

EMF harmonization


One of the special features is that the BioMat mat has been harmonized in the area of electrosmog, so that you lie in the safe frequency range during meditation. This property is unique and can hardly be found in any other mat in this form.

Pain and Recovery Technology


The BioMat's new pain and regeneration technology is designed to promote and improve blood circulation. It can also ensure a restful sleep, support the body in the area of detox and the elimination of toxins and waste products and generally stabilize the balance of body, soul and spirit.


If necessary, the BioMat can be used daily at home, be it with the Mini, which you can put on the office chair or other seating, or with the full-body BioMats, which are even suitable for the bed, so that you can rest comfortably at night Warmth sleeps and wakes up refreshed the next morning. As already described above, when designing the BioMat, great importance was attached to the fact that it emits as little eSmog as possible, as is usually the case with commercially available electric blankets. The EMF values have been proven to be greatly reduced with special copper and other layers.


In this way you can enjoy the unique experience of deep relaxation with the BioMat and the meditation that follows.




To start the meditation, switch on your Biomat to a comfortable temperature and lie comfortably on the Amythyst infrared mat. Get into a very relaxed position so that you feel completely comfortable when you lie on the mat.


If you like, lay your head on the Biomat amethyst pillow or another pillow and relax your arms beside your body, palms facing up.


Gently close your eyes, take a deep breath and let your body fall completely into the mat.


Breathe in very slowly through your nose and slowly out through your mouth.


Notice how your breathing becomes calmer.


You are very calm, serene and relaxed. Your breathing is now completely calm and even. And you relax even deeper into the Biomat.


As you lie there relaxed, you feel the pleasant warmth under your body and relax even deeper into the mat. Your whole body becomes very calm and relaxed. You feel completely relaxed.


If you like, put your hands on your stomach for a short moment and feel your breath flowing calmly and evenly into your body.


As you inhale, feel your chest and ribs expanding and creating space. As you exhale, gently direct your attention inward.


Make yourself aware that the infrared energy of your Biomat penetrates deep into the skin layers and your body in a very pleasant way and gently stimulates your circulation.


The invisible light energy of the Biomat enriches the cells of your body with light.


With the next inhalation and exhalation, any form of tension simply melts away. Relax even deeper into the mat.


You feel how your head is relaxed on the pillow.


Thoughts pass like clouds. just let her go let her go


Relax your forehead so that it becomes completely smooth.


Open your mouth very slightly so that your mouth area becomes even more relaxed.


Your entire face feels completely relaxed.


Allow your body to relax even more deeply with the warmth.


body even deeper




shoulders and shoulder blades


Arms relax, elbows, hands


Letting go flows from the fingertips from thumb to index, middle, ring, pinky


The relaxation flows down the spine.


Chest and Upper Back, Ribs and Lower Back


Feel the luminous infrared energy of the amethyst crystals flowing through the layers of sacred geometry and orgone and then reaching your body, penetrating every cell, cleansing and infusing with the light of high frequency energy and vitalizing.


Allow your body to absorb these precious vibrations and information so that you feel energized and renewed.


Feel the energies of love flowing into you and at the same time any form of stress that has accumulated in your body draining away.


Quantum Energy interacts with every part of your body and permeates your body.


You can feel how your stomach is deeply relaxed and soft.

Relax your hips, your buttocks and you will feel the relaxation flow further down, through your legs, first through the thighs, then through the lower legs. until they reach your feet. Vll. you feel that the soles of your feet tingle pleasantly and very slightly.


Your whole body will be flooded with this soothing, regenerating energy. Allow your body to fully absorb these new higher energies, leaving you feeling ever more pure, refreshed and rejuvenated.


When you are fully absorbed and enriched by this energy, allow it to flow outward through your body so that the entire space around you is also enriched with this beautiful energy.


We enjoy this energy in and around us and listen to the pleasant language of light of the amethyst crystals, which anchors the frequencies even more deeply and ensures absolute well-being.




Now that our body is fully relaxed and regenerated, we slowly prepare to come back into the presence of this being.


Start moving your body slowly. Gently move your hands and feet, slowly roll your head to the left, back to center, then slowly to the right, and back to center. Straighten your arms and legs and take a long, deep breath. slowly open your eyes


You just feel very calm, peaceful and relaxed.


Thank you inwardly for this wonderful BioMat session and for all the wonderful energies of the crystals, the light and the high frequency frequencies that have flowed into your body and this space. Stay connected to these energies for as long as possible so that they accompany you through the next few hours and days of rest and relaxation.


Namaste, Heike Michaelsen

Meditation Feedback: 

  • I am a chronic pain patient. I had severe knee pain yesterday. Painkillers didn't help. I did the meditation: I didn't lie on the couch for long and then I noticed something happening energetically on my knee. The pain was gone! Thanks very much

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