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A big thank you goes to everyone who, with their being here, kind comments, likes and

wonderful donations support the construction of the Cosmic University.

Thank you very much, Heike Michaelsen 💛


IBAN: BE96 9670 1449 5705
(choose IBAN international transfer (free of charge in the EU) as the account is in Belgium)

Account holder: Heike Michaelsen

Purpose: "Energy balancing"

Bank: Wise - 54 Avenue Louise, Room S52; Brussels 1050, Belgium

If you have to give the bank an address for the recipient,
please choose the following:
Papamoa 3118 Bay of Plenty, New Zealand (please do not send mail to this address)

Very dear thanks.

May everything flow to you in abundance and in many ways.

If a business invoice is required, I can issue it. 
Contact details im imprint.

As an alternative to the free bank transfer, PayPal is also possible (subject to a fee, as it is in New Zealand)
(please select EUR or your local currency)

Einmal-Spende per Kreditkarte

Herzlichen Dank fuer die Spende 💛

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