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Heart courage meditations with bonus video links

This e-book presents meditative kite journeys that lead us into the vastness of the universe, to near and distant star portals, to the central sun or to the planets of our solar system. On these cosmic journeys DNA activations take place as well as downloads of the higher light codes. Join us on exciting and mind-expanding journeys and become a dragon rider of the new era.

Contents: Astral Travel with the Dragons - Courage of the Heart Introduction  9:14 - Dragon Call 2:38 - Helios with DNA Activation and Light Codes 15:03 min. - Bonus 1: Blue Healing Pleiades Dragons 16: 16 - Bonus 2 group out of body experience with the Golden Christ Dragons - live recording of about 2 hours.

Size: Approximately 20 pages in pdf format with bonus video links in the e-book for online streaming.

Trial price:

EUR 29.99 incl. VAT (D) - other countries may vary.
Reduced price because the e-book has not yet been proofread.

The sale is processed via DigiStore. seller belowimprint.

Dragon Journey Meditation

The Golden Dragon of the Central Sun, Helios

The following Dragon Journey Meditation is a video sample to get a taste of this type of meditation.
In the animation meditations linked in the e-book, which are accompanied by suitable music, chirping background noises have been eliminated so that deep relaxation is optimally supported.

Excerpt from the feedback:


  • Indescribable!!! The music, the pictures, the colors! What a gift. Thank you, dear Heike. Thanks to the spirit world, the Arcturians, the dragon! It really touched me!!! Manuela

  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful kite journey to the Acturus and for your wonderful pictures in the videos that you keep making, Jutta

  • It is so unique to enter a space that you return to, full of happiness, joy, in tune with your inner child, amazed at what is true... Thank you orange-gold dragon for this journey. Thank you, dear Heike..., Manuela

  • Namasté, dear Heike, thank you very much for the magical dragon meditation and the wonderful video 🙏 I am very ecstatic and deeply touched 🥰 Be blessed, and have a wonderful weekend and blessings to all of you, Renina

  • THANK YOU 🌹 for the wonderful trip 🦂🧡 it was wonderful to fly with the kite and to receive the golden-orange energy. I was able to get involved in everything wonderfully 🦂🧡 It was wonderful. 🪄⭐️ I'm still bathing in the wonderful energy, Eva

  • It was such a magical wonderful journey 🐲🌌 and a part of my soul was allowed to reconnect with me. Kornelia

  • I can only say my heart is jumping for joy it was soooo beautiful, 💕 but also funny how the dragon flew with me. 🐲🐉 Megaaa beautiful. 💚 My heart now feels so thoroughly fulfilled! Not only do I bow to the dragon, but also to you and your magic that you keep bringing. 💕💫💚 Thank you very much, Christina

  • Thank you very much for the lovely meditation, I met my dragon again, simply wonderful and lots of love, Doris

  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm totally blown away. It was an unbelievably touching transmission of energy. Coni

  • That was the most beautiful trip I had made. Thank you very much, Lydia

  • Thank you very much 🙏 dear Heike, this dragon meditation was something very special, simply beautiful and it made my whole body tingle. I felt my kite, Ute

  • This dragon meditation is just fantastic, thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Heike, I am so filled and touched by this energy and the powerful music. I bow, Elli

  • I feel heavenly on fire 🔥 after this wonderful gold-orange energy bath ❤️ 🔥 and thank you, dear [holy] Heike 🤗 from the bottom of my heart, Anna

  • Thank you very much, dear Heike. Deeply touched, flooded with tears, deeply familiar with dragons and unicorns - that's what this trip was like for me. Mona

  • THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the journey to Arcturus, which is so important to me. Kornelia Laraana Selina

  • From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU forr this wonderful and powerful meditation. It was like coming home. Very touching Catherine

  • Wow, that was nice! The music fits so well. I also have the book and worked with it almost every day, but I could still do that intenjoy more intensely. Thank you very much Heike. reindeer

  • By believing in us dragons and speaking our name aloud, the spell that has held us captive for so long has broken. The more of us know, the more we can get back into yours world return. And this is more important than ever at this time!!!" - received by Ulrike - listener / participant of the meditation.

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