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The Six Golden Ages

Journeys through the high cultures of the earth

Travel with this e-book and the videos linked in the

Golden Age (12:48 min.) from

Angala (45:15 min.)

Petranium (32:20 min.)

Mo (28:43 min.)

Lemuria (Stargate of Christ Consciousness 7:46 min.) and

Atlantis (36:44 min.) + alternative variants

plus Aquarian Age bonus informational video and exercise videos.

You can expect beautifully illustrated and musically accompanied video links for online streaming.

The guided meditation journeys are discussed by Heike Michaelsen in the pdf booklet with video links to stream online.

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Audio sample: Journey through the Golden Ages

Angala, Petranium, Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis, Aquarius

In this video we travel through the Golden Ages of planet Earth.

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