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Temple Meditations

Cosmic crystal ball of the 12 initiation temples

This e-book introduces 13 temple meditations such as bliss or total unity. Together with the Archangels and Ascended Masters we journey into the etheric realms of these high vibrational places. Among others, Archangel Michael, Metatron, the Lichtschoff commander Asonai Ashtar, Master Kuthumi and Master Kumeka will be there. The participants receive high-vibration gifts, such as the eight of infinity, with which we can bless and energetically charge rooms, places and regions.

If you have a crystal, you can hold it during meditation, allowing high vibrational frequencies, codes and energies to flow into the crystal from the temple of all-encompassing oneness. The transmitted knowledge of the blue-gold infinity symbol, the lying 8, will usually “unpack” itself in the coming days and weeks.

The e-book contains links 13 animated video meditations accompanied by music for online streaming for 1 year:

Invitation from Adonai Ashtar to the temple training 24:29 min.

1. Temple of Balance 30:30 min.

2. Temple of Bliss 42:00 min.

3. Temple of Crystal Technology 24:22 min.

4. Temple of Pure Truth 29:05 min.

5.Temple of Nature Codes23:55 min.

6. Temple of Unconditional Love 35:17 min.

7. Temple of Higher Perception 47:18 min.

8. Temple of All-encompassing Truth 34:08 min.

9.Temple of Joyous Service24:28 mins.

10. Temple to Higher Dimension 44:55 min.

11. Temple of the Divine Feminine 24:57 min.

12. Temple of the Ninth Dimensional Master Light 50:58 min.

Scope: 43 pages DIN A4 in pdf format for immediate download plus the above-mentioned meditation links

each individual meditation has a value of about 20 to 35 euros, which corresponds to about 360 euros
Reduced introductory price of the complete package.
EUR 179 (instead of 299) incl. VAT (D) - other countries may vary

Payment is processed via DigiStore24. Seller: Heike Michaelsen, New Zealand – imprint

sample video

Introduction to the e-book of the 12 temples of initiation

Balance is a cornerstone of a peaceful life. In this meditation we visit the Temple of Balance where we are given tools and light codes to lead a more harmonious life. This meditation was inspired by the book "The Ascension of Earth and Humanity" by Diana Cooper. The following video is the prelude to the12 Temple Meditations

Preparation for meditation:

  • Find a quiet place where you can relax

  • If you like, light a candle as a symbol of your inner light

  • If you have, take a crystal ball in your left or right hand into which the light codes of meditation can flow.

  • Duration of the meditation: about 25 minutes

Note: the temple mediation of balance does not require any ups or downs. It is neither spectacular nor unspectacular. It comes along very calmly... without bimborium, without great excitement, emotions... neither dramatic nor excessive. This meditation is about the very calm center. A kind of trickling into our soul-body-spirit system, like a gentle summer rain.

Heartfelt thanks to Master Kuthumi, Archangel Michael, Spirit World, Heavenly Father, Earth Mother and their Angels for their wonderful energy of balance that they have sent to us in this video. Many thanks also to you, for being there and for your work on earth. 💜


Dear Heike, wonderful meditation, I could feel my two energies and feel and visualize the balance that is natural. Thank you, this exercise helps to remember this moment in critical moments and to come back to our center more easily. Thanks! - Elly


The following contribution is, on the one hand, an introductory lecture at the Cosmic University from the book “The Ascension of Earth and Humanity” by Diana Cooper. Participants can participate in an intuitively guided meditation with light language to gain insight into the meditations. In this meditation we receive energies of the lion's gate, that at the new moon on 08.08. was fully open at 08:08. 



Please click on the image to view the video link

Feedback on the introductory video of the 12 Temple Meditations.

  • Dearest Heike, infinite gratitude for this beautiful Lions Gate Meditation. I'm very excited. I woke up early to dive into this. The seed of infinity and unity was planted in my heart. I thank you sooo sooo much for this wonderful gift that I was allowed to receive from you. With infinite love I was bathed in Temple 8 of the Ascended Masters and many tears flowed in the memory "Who I Am" Thank you sooo sooo much. May my gratitude embrace you in my heart. Thank you for your simply crystal shining light... it flows into all my cells and beyond. Thank you. Deeply touched and in infinite gratitude for everything! From the bottom of my heart I wish you infinite light of love enfolded in this cosmic powerful day 8/8/2021 and beyond Sophie

  • Dear Heike. Your meditation Temple 8 of unity and infinity is the most beautiful of all times for me. The eights float through the house and town. I AM imbued with the blue of topaz and find it difficult to describe in words anything else. ( while writing). Thanks. And thanks to my BEING, I sat finding, seeing and feeling you. NAMASTE. Petra

  • Good morning, that was an incredibly transformative night ❤️🦋 I am grateful. I accidentally sent the 8 yesterday. And wondered. This morning, after a sleepless but happily transformative night, I found your meditation and went straight into it. It was terrific... you could feel these high frequencies and I'm so happy that I was able to tonight. After your meditation I later got into a chat, read the message and went out again. Looked at the chat and saw that I had sent an 8 again and that's how I remembered what the universe wanted to tell me with these unconscious 8ths. Bless everything around you. So it works, diligently distribute the 8 in love. Fill the 8 with your unconditional love. 🦋❤️ and I feel connected to all brothers and sisters. Thank you ❤️🦋 a day full of miracles for you. Cora

  • Dear Heike, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this incredibly beautiful and touching meditation. This memory is so beneficial for the heart ♥️ and the soul - I had to be almost 70 years old 🙈, but from now on it's firmly anchored in my heart again and the memory is there every day when I see the sun and the blue sky . The 8th are in abundance with my 4 children, 7 grandchildren and in the many places that I carry with love in my heart. Thank you for everything. Big hug - you made my day. Greetings from Karin

  • Dear Heike. That was the most beautiful meditation of all my times. When I opened my eyes I saw faces in my field stones. ( I AM very connected to the stones and rocks). I laid out the 8 in front of them and now these beautiful ones are floating. Eighth through the house, place out into the world. Tears rolled too. thank you LOVE - Peter

  • WOOOOOWWWW IT IS ABSOLUTELY WOOOW I was allowed to see the big GATE with the lying EIGHT and the infinity symbol <3 then the GATE opened, I entered and was almost "dazzled" by INFINITE BEAUTY <3 GOOSE SKINS which I now call ANGEL SKIN <3 Out of sheer gratitude and Mercy I'm on my knees <3 yourE <3 light language + light song just GORGEOUS. NAMASTE' <3 NAMASTE' THANK YOU THANK YOU DEAR HEIKE MEISTER KUTUMI MEISTER KUMEKA (I hope it's spelled correctly) and EE MICHAEL.

  • Last year I painted such an eight, which I received as a vision, the sky above and the earth below connected with a lying eight, surrounded by the heart symbol, in the colors blue and gold and now this meditation from you, dear Heike, I was in tears all the time, my heart is deeply touched, so wonderful. Now I understand why, so many miracles happen... thank you very much for this, in light and love Petra

  • Warm ❤️D🌈A🧚‍♂N💫K dear Heike, it was such a sacred, touching and liberating experience. I am still in deep peace and grateful for your work and everything I was allowed to experience and feel inside me. 🙏🦄⭐️ Jutta

  • Dear Heike, no "thank you" can encompass what I feel!!!! But maybe you could feel it…. You have surpassed yourself! This energy boost... crush. I give you a big hug from afar (Munich), Vera

  • Dear Heike, wow beautiful meditation, from the bottom of my heart ❤ Thank you. I've been completely exhausted since yesterday because of the new regulations. I couldn't get out of the ego anymore. I have heard your meditation and now I am completely myself. Thank you You are an angel Marion

  • I was alert as good as the whole night today and I was tormented by worries. In between, I had the feeling of black, unpleasant shadows ghosting around me. Painted 8s in the room/air, then it was actually good. daisy

  • You can leave feedback here:: Dear Heike, thank you for this wonderful Lionsgate Meditation. It was very noticeable that a lot of healing and love flowed through me and opening happened. I am full of anticipation of what may work through me for the highest good of all living beings. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being and working ❤️ Patricia

  • Dear Heike, I am very touched and feel deeply connected. The images, the eights and the symbolism of heaven and sun are always present for me from now on. I felt the pressure build up because I didn't know where to best place the eight. Then came the relief as it potentiated. Simply divine. 🙏 thank you from the bottom of my heart. Petra

  • Thank you dear Heike I can't even express how wonderful and beneficial your video is. I can feel my heart very strong right now! Blessed be !!! Kind regards Isabella

  • Dear Heike, thank you very much for this beautiful meditation in the eighth temple of unity and infinity. Warm energies flowed through my whole body and enveloped me in a cloud of bright light. The presence of the masters made me feel uplifted and very happy - somehow arrived, at home. As a messenger of light, I am particularly grateful for this new opportunity to be able to have a blessing effect with the lying eights. I am also infinitely grateful to you, dear Heike, for your luminous work, action and being - and for the fact that I was allowed to find you. You are such a great blessing to all of us! Namaste. Greetings from Ajana

  • Dear Heike, how much I can let myself be touched by you and through... The tenderness of your voice and the high, loving frequencies are a balm, so yesterday I immersed myself in the vibration during your video meditation and with its bliss satisfied my longing and the blockade in the heart solved... today since 6:40 a.m. in anticipation of your 8 lion's gate meditation...I was allowed to mentally perceive a butterfly that fell into my apartment... a visit?? accept my thanks, Beata

  • Dear Heike, the meditation is super great, I see and feel the "8" all over my apartment, and I immediately drew a picture with a golden eight, thank you - Diana

  • Dear Heike, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this extraordinarily beautiful meditation. From the beginning to the end I had a permanently pleasant, tingling and warming-flowing "fall of energy" ☀️ It was indescribably beautiful and I had tears. And topaz blue, as well as turquoise or gold are one of my favorite colors. I also thank Master Kutumi, Master Komeka and Archangel Michael from the bottom of my heart for their effect, cleaning in golden balls and handing over this beautiful 8. I will continue to hand over the sacred 8. And it is my great honor to do so. Valeri

  • Dear Heike ❤️ thank you from the bottom of my heart - this video went straight to the heart ♥.., it's uniquely beautiful.., many thanks - Monika

  • Thank you very much for this delightful meditation dear Heike 🙏💖 May God's blessings accompany you at all times. Monja

  • Heartfelt thanks to Heike, my tears of joy just tumbled down, sooooo wonderful, a thousand thanks - B.

  • Heartfelt thanks dear Heike 🎊 such a nice feeling and my cells were bubbling and jumping with joy. .🌼🌼🌼.your starry language sounded soooo homely and felt sooo familiar,,,wooow thank you for your divine service for all of us to give us sooo many gifts..... heartfelt thanks to the spiritual world namaste **** everything imaginable divinely good for you lg Martina

  • Thank you 💗💎 For the divine meditation 💗💎🙏 Helga

  • Grace, many divine beings, a golden field of vastness, field of love Thank you very much 💫💥💛 Gabriele

  • Such a wonderful, divinely sacred energy! My heart is overflowing with gratitude right now, thank you dear Heike 😍 and to everyone who hears this, I send the lying and standing eight. Manuela

  • Dear Heike, thank you very much for this wonderful meditation. It was very deep and touching. With love and light, Sabine

  • Dear Heike, so deeply touched, this meditation is like coming home, thanks for sharing 💞💗💞 my cat immediately laid down next to me during the meditation, thank you, thank you, thank you, Anna

  • Donation for the Mega Lion video, Daniel

  • THANK YOU, dear Heike, for this beautiful meditation in the eighth temple of unity and infinity. The warm energies flowed through my whole body. Enveloped in a cloud of crystalline colored light I felt safe, very happy and at home. It fills me with great joy and the gratitude of the earth for helping me to be able to send healing eights everywhere. - Anke

  • Wonderful and very strong energy...I am deeply touched. Gabriele

  • Good morning everyone and thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful light meditation. My tears are still falling...thanks for connecting with us. Gabriele

  • Is that nice ❤️ I have tears in my eyes from happiness. This is a desirable state of being - Cora

  • Dearest soul sister Heike....greatest gratitude for your great Lions Gate Meditation. Wonderful vibration. Love and blessings always.......Angelina

  • Thank you very much dear Heike. I can't find the words to describe what I felt! Thank you heart to heart. With love Margaret

  • Dear Heike, I feel deep gratitude, connectedness and so much love!!! Thank you very much for these wonderful gifts from the spirit world and for letting us consciously participate in your loving, pure actions and work. Much love and golden blessings, Michaela

  • So beautiful. The words of the language of light spoken through you are like balm for heart and soul. Thank you very much dear Heike. - Lucy

  • Dear Heike, that was wonderful. I was able to really sit back and let the whole thing happen. Soooo beautiful. My shungite is now filled to the brim and the lying ♾ are now radiating out of me like the language of light. Thank you very much for that ❤️ - KAthrin

  • Thank you very much dear Heike, I connected deeply. Your soft voice is so loving. Marion

  • Thank you so much. It's an incredibly gift☀️I've got lot's of light &peace &love & trust in life and myself. GOD'S BLESS - Moni

  • THANK YOU, dear Heike, the Heilstrom made all the chakras pulsate in the left hand with the healing stone. This healing current is passed on to the left arm. Gisela

  • Noticeably STRONG energy WAVES in this video and in your voice LOVE HEIKE 💓 My body BEINGS vibrates and remembers 🔮 Thank you 🎁 HerzLicht Sabine in Salzburger Land.

  • wow wonderful My job is to encode these light codes for people into stones or connect them so that they can even do it themselves. It's magical and very powerful, every time. And the stones then work with the soul. Thank you Mary

  • Beautiful meditation, thank you. Traveled with my eagle, a white unicorn and a red dragon. My stone is now charged. Thank you very much for that. Greetings Andrea

  • Good morning, a wonderful idea and the melody is so harmonizing. This is how the day can begin 🌝 I wish everyone a magical day.

  • I imagined a crystal ball in my mind, which I once heard is everything you can imagine. Thank you for this wonderful, beautiful meditation! 🔮

  • Dear Heike, from the bottom of my heart ♋☯️ thank you! I just feel gratitude, love and warmth! It touches me very much! I receive such divine signs, wonders and gifts from God! I have been carrying everything that has just happened in my heart for so it more powerfully and visibly on the outside...I wish you all this from the bottom of my heart! Be blessed, guided and protected. So be it ! Thank you dear Heike that you are here for all of us! So we are all connected to each other and work in a divine and powerful way! NAMASTE Annett

  • Dear Heike❣️I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the 1st temple meditation available, which causes such a strong balance that this peace & harmony make me really's like a reset to the divine origin & therefore such a special gift❣️ I saw that magical spinning galaxy again & could feel the download clearly..may god bless you. NAMASTÉ❣️❣️❣️your Moni from Wuppertal I send you all my love❣️Monika

  • Good morning Heike. Thank you for this harmonizing and relaxing meditation. Everything is right for me. LG Andrea

  • Dear Heike, it was such a wonderful experience to have the two masters by your side   the energy and the beam of the infinite 8 was sooo noticeable.... I'm still dizzy until now. Thank you  Thank you Thank you angel Isabela

  • This temple meditation brought me deep vision. Tears from another dimension. Infinitely wise speaks Heike, the earth angel here. I asked myself today, where did you dear Heike get all your information from? I still have to hear this meditation. I feel this affection of beings, this liberation, endlessly.. MUCH LOVE, as I write, the streams tumble. It's so good during the convalescence... May the divine light shine on all of us. NAMASTE

  • I felt the same way. I recognized the Master from Atlantis. I was high priestess there (I've known that for a long time, I saw myself there in a vision) and had many conversations with him. I was sad that he is in the 11th dimension and I'm only trying to get into the 5th. I had to cry from longing. I learned that I am here on earth voluntarily to help people ascension. I've known for a long time that my job is to help humanity ascend, but I feel very small and insignificant. Still, I don't give up and do my best. But unfortunately I can't shake the feeling that my weak powers are not enough and that I overestimate myself. A

  • Thank you Heike, infinity as a gift for the benefit of all. Hmm... I just bought many of your e-books with the meditations. It's also a balance for you. And so I can always refresh some things, even when I'm on the go, if I feel like it. Silke

  • Thank you very much, dear Heike. Painful memories came to me in the morning and last night during meditation I was able to let go of them. How wonderful! grit

  • Dear Heike, thank you very much for this wonderful temple meditation on August 8th, 2022. The energy was so soothing, touching and peaceful. I would have preferred to stay there. Just a few days ago I bought a skirt in blue with gold and brown tones. I was so attracted to it. I find that very exciting. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your light-filled and high-vibrational work. With love, Jasmine

  • Thank you very much, dear Heike, for the beautiful meditation in the 8th Temple of All-encompassing Unity. This meditation with the ascended master Kuthumi and Kumeka is so powerful and intense that it brought me a lot of calm. Thank you very much for that. Ingrid

  • Very beautiful temple meditation of the Absolute All-encompassing Oneness and Infinity. A great joy came over me, where the inner circle of light, between which lies 8, opened and enveloped me in the inner secrets. Thank you also for distributing the lightful lying 8 everywhere, where it can continue to achieve its unity and infinity and much more. Kind regards Esther

  • A wonderful experience with the two high-flying masters. For me, the head swings in the truest sense of the figure eight. Incredibly beautiful. LIE BE HEIKE, THANK YOU for the wonderful meditation. Maria Theresa

  • Thank you so much, this is my second time making it and I think it's fantastic. Suzanne

  • Dear Heike...❤️ Thank you very much for this wonderful temple meditation of balance. Came just at the right time, because I was able to perceive quite a bit of restlessness from old topics in me, which overcame me quite a bit. With this meditation and the golden Heilstrom I feel more balanced again, I can breathe deeply again and the heaviness can go. It showed me personally how important it is not to dwell on it for too long and to focus on things that feel good. And with this meditation I can remind myself of that, take my crystal in my hand and let it work. My 3rd eye and my entire forehead tingled so much when I put the crystal Blessed thanks, dear Heike, for your work... It feels so good and personally helps me a lot on this path. ann

  • Dear Heike, still completely under the spell of this wonderful temple meditation, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish for myself and everyone else that this absorbed energy of balance will carry us through this coming time. I'm still in a kind of trance with my moonstone ball. In troubled situations, may my consciousness remember this inner peace. Namaste, Jolie

  • Thank you very much, dear Heike, for this wonderful journey into the temple of balance. I could see the big hall and the many people who meditated with me in a big circle. Thank you very much. Anneli

  • Dear Heike, I am so fulfilled and happy with this temple meditation of balance! It is of course very appropriate, as I am currently feeling uneasy. The light codes discharged as light and powerful as a complete inner light rain shower. I immediately saw so much clearly for myself personally and my consciousness received a wide and great elevation. I saw my connectedness to everyone and everything - the true and my true reality. Coming home with so much comfort and deep gratitude! Everything is good. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this trip! pink

  • Thank you for the peaceful meditation. I charged my malachite ring with this energy of balance. This energy helps me to make peaceful decisions. A donation is coming, I'm on vacation at the moment. Irene

  • I am so touched by the beautiful full version Meditation. Dear Heike, THANK YOU so much for that. The crystal ball is charged. All my love Maria

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Temple of Bliss - Excerpt from the Temple Meditations

Knowledge instead of belief -  happiness meditation  💕


The mastery of our life always leads through contentment and happiness. This is our natural state when we are in alignment with the Divine. The most important thing in everything is not only the belief, but the knowledge that the universe supports us completely in all areas. Some passages of the meditation are based on the book "The Ascension of Earth and Humanity" by Diana Cooper. The meditation is an excerpt from the 12 Initiation Temple Meditations. If you want to watch this and other temple meditations in full length then klicke here.


Temple of the Higher Dimensions - Excerpt from the Temple Meditations

Meditation to connect with the  higher dimensions  💕


A whole new cycle begins in the Temple of the Higher Dimension, similar to a new moon or a portal day cycle of the Mayan calendar. We pass through a gateway that leads to other higher dimensions where the realms of elementals, star siblings, unicorns, angels, elves and other elementals reside. Some passages of the meditation are based on the book "The Ascension of Earth and Humanity" by Diana Cooper. This individual meditation is an excerpt from the12 Initiation Temple Meditations. If you would like to watch this and other temple meditations in full length, then clickhere for the temple meditation ebook. 


​Feedback on Higher Dimension Meditation

  • The experience I was allowed to have surpasses anything I can put into words. I haven't quite landed back in the here and now. May all the light, wisdom and infinite love inspire me and everyone who is allowed to have this experience to spread it more and more here. My heartfelt thanks, Heike and all masters and angels. jolie

  • I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the star peoples video. It came to me a day after intuitively meditating on my Star Family. I received information that I could hardly believe at first. It is special how your videos confirm my visions, information and inspirations at the same time. This makes me feel very connected to you and I have the feeling that I have known you for a long time. The enormous, deep knowledge that you share in your videos sounds familiar somewhere deep inside me and makes me remember. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. I'm glad you brought the "Cosmic University" to Earth. I'm very interested and excited to see how it develops. It reminds me that about ten years ago I ran a "Telepathic University" night after night. I had no idea at the time what that meant. I didn't tell anyone because I didn't have the courage. I'm glad you have the courage to speak up about all the topics you share with us in your videos Best regards from Bern Ruth

  • In deep gratitude I send my light and my love to you and all siblings, angels and ascended masters. A wonderful experience that I cannot put into words. Thank you Heike for bringing the cosmic university to earth. I am grateful and look forward to the new era. Greetings from Braunschweig Ilona

  • Dear Heike, I am so infinitely grateful for this meditation! So fulfilled, happy and still full of wonder. Many tears flowed and I felt, now I know, that everything will be fine. Greetings to you, the spiritual world and my cosmic family, Heike

  • Dear Heike, I simply don't have the words to express what I felt. The sound of your voice, your words, the soft accompanying music, I am deeply touched, I felt so comfortable and at home. Tears ran down from sheer happiness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this with us! Ulrike

  • I actually feel different than before, calm and blissful within me. As if a great deal of pressure had been lifted from me and I can now walk with absolute ease and fulfill my luminous task. I was allowed to go into this metamorphosis with such loving company and always felt protected and held. Thank you Heike, thank you father and thank you to all my siblings and beings of light. It's wonderful to finally see this big family again. Marina

  • Dear Heike, thank you very much for this wonderful meditation. It was an indescribable energy, so much touching, gratitude and a deep connection. At the end of the meditation, a small white feather sailed into my flower box right outside my window. That brought me to tears again. Love, Bettina

  • Words cannot describe what I experienced in this meditation. I still get goosebumps just thinking about it. It was so unbelievable, I'm still flashing, infinitely grateful. Getty

  • Dear Heike, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this meditation on the last day of the walk on the Rhine. Now my task is clear to me. It's so wonderful and I wouldn't trade with anyone in the world. Now I know why it all took so long. The door had to open first. Everything is so clear now. Thank you for your guidance on this journey. Patricia

  • Thank you very much, dear Heike, for your blessings. A wonderful meditation that gave me joy, strength and confidence. Sonya

  • Dear Heike, for me it was a very touching meditation. I felt very connected to the place I was in. It felt like home. The message I received was love & healing. Thank you very much for that. Sonja

  • Dear Heike, during your meditation I felt growing bliss and love for the angelic dimension, tears ran down my cheeks as they welcomed me back into their humility, love and gratitude for your wonderful BEING here. Burkhild

  • Dear soul siblings, dear Heike! Thank you very much for all the gifts I have been able to receive lately. You are an earth angel for our world! My joy, the deep gratitude, the knowledge that I carry everything within me gives me peace and happiness. To feel this is just such a great and rich gift from God! I am so happy to fulfill my soul mission, because it contains what the earth, the people and the BIG ALL need so urgently! I just go step by step....leave my steps to my guide and my divine team. And now, to be supported with all these divine just such a wonderful and valuable gift again! Many thanks to you, dear Heike, for being SUCH, your work and your so natural, light-filled way! Thank you that you exist and thank you also for the divine support from the cosmic world, all ascended masters, star siblings and angelic beings! Be blessed ! GOD IS ALL IN ME! NAMASTE Annett

  • Thank you dear Heike! Wonderful! It was very touching to meet my cosmic family again... seeing more and more clearly. Thanks to you and the spiritual world! gerald

  • The meditation was like visiting heaven🌟🌟🌟I can't thank you enough. Beate

  • Dear Heike, I lack the words to describe what I experienced, thank you wonderful soul from the bottom of my heart for taking us to these heavenly dimensions. For me it was swinging and flowing and indescribable moments of recognition and of BEING united. So many, in gratitude, Monika

  • Thank you ❤️ Immeasurable, indescribable, wide, infinite, perfect, happy, sooooo grateful ❤️ Doris

Feedback on the nature temple meditation

  • Thank you dear Heike, the meditation is sooooo beautiful. I have asked the elementals to help me plant my garden in a way that they feel comfortable in. There shall be trees in it and shrubs and a place to sit under a large walnut tree that is already there. And of course flowers. There are a lot of bees here, it's buzzing incessantly. Now I just want tips on how to create the garden according to sacred geometry.

  • Joy, happiness for this touching vibrational light contribution, of nature, wish us all a blessed, resurrection feast; I see these subtle beings in a round ball of light or disc, man also calls them orbs, I wear a beautiful shell, where this sacred geometry is contained, love, grateful heart hug, Juerg

  • Just wonderful, dear Heike, thank you very much and have a nice Easter holiday.  Petra

  • Dear Heike, I'm in the wonderful nature every day, whatever the weather and holy tree forests Thank you for your high being and knowledge, what you pass on to us 🌷🙏💝 Wish you a fulfilled, blessed Easter time 🐰 Irmi

  • That's why I've always loved nature and have had dogs and cats and horses for decades... I always thought to myself how people know what trolls, dwarves, elves, dragons look like... if they don't exist! Even ! Bridget

  • Beautiful meditation in the temple with nature codes. I felt totally in this natural vibration. DEAR E. HEIKE, I am infinitely grateful to you for the knowledge that you impart to us. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏♥️ A wonderful time sincerely María Theresia

  • Thank you very much dear Heike. It was so wonderful. I couldn't close your eyes because the video was so beautiful. I'm totally lost in it. Petra

  • It was wonderful. Thank you very much. And have a nice time. Regine

  • Just wow the meditation has become beautiful and fulfilling, you feel very comfortable with the nature of the music, you have a very beautiful talent dear Heike and thank you very much for your benevolent devotion and it is also very valuable and inspiring, Simone

  • Dearest Heike...this nature meditation is so beautiful...I am so deeply moved, tears are running down my cheeks I feel very connected...thanks dear to you and all nature and elemental beings, Silvia

  • I'm still full. I was especially taken by the blue/green light of the angel of nature, who poured his magical essence over me and created a magical place. How nice…. That also inspired me creatively and I'm excited to see how it will turn out in material terms. Thank you Luisa

  • You have just fulfilled my heart's desire, dear Heike, this nature meditation is a wonderful Easter present for me, Gabriele

  • Heartfelt thanks, dear Heike, for this magical meditation. I was there with my whole being and am in absolute harmony and with all my love one with Mother Earth and her natural beings. In deep peace and totally relaxed. Renate

  • Dear Heike, thank you for the meditation codes of nature beings. We would be happy to send you a donation. I appreciate your contributions very much. You are the best in the spiritual realm that I have come across. Your clarity, wisdom and loving nature always give me courage and confidence in these difficult times. As you mentioned, old patterns come back strongly to me. So yesterday I needed a lot of relaxation in nature. On an old rootstock that I can ask for "advice", I received the answer that in order to vibrate higher it is necessary to let the roots grow deeper into the earth, which can also be associated with pain and sadness. In addition, I saw a small heart with wings and that it was the heart that vibrated higher, not the head, or that the heart was now taking the lead. Communicating with this rootstock has calmed me down and given me strength, just like you did with your videos. I also thank you for everything you bring out into the world and wish you only the best. Kind regards, Susanna. May all beings be happy.

  • Dear Heike, I listened to your natural temple meditation yesterday before falling asleep. My eyes closed, but she was so wonderful that I had to hear her a second time. Nature and especially the forest fascinates me so much. I live in the mountains where the forests are really almost untouched.
    A lot of wild animals live there. They come to our farm at night. And for a long time I have wished so deeply to be able to perceive nature's beings more. Thanks to your suggestions yesterday, I might be able to open my senses more to beings. Every day I'm in the woods with my dog several times, but maybe I'm just walking through too unconsciously. Thank you, my love, and I wish you the best of luck. Because that's really my biggest wish

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