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Hippocrates raw concepts

organic - vegan - raw - high in protein - sugar-free - delicious
Original recipes from the Hippocrates health kitchen

  This e-book features the most popular recipes from the trusted Hippocrates Health Institute. The health institute was founded in 1956 by raw food pioneer Ann Wigmore, who cured herself of severe cancer with wheatgrass juice and a raw vegan diet. To encourage people to switch to this type of diet To make things easier, the head "cooks" of the institute have developed a large number of raw vegan vitality recipes. The 50 illustrated original raw recipes from the Hippocrates Health Institute are presented on 150 pages.Recipe examples: Warm Miso Spinach Balls, Hemp Poppy Seed Dip, Sprouted Chickpea Hummus, Avocado Mayonnaise, Mushroom Dip, Spicy Cucumber Salsa, Walnut Pâté, Sweet Potato Chips, Egg Free Egg Salad, Vegan Better Than Tuna salad, tahini dressing, red cabbage sauerkraut, asparagus cream soup, nut cream milk, gazpacho, marinated vegetable skewers, Mexican tacos, vegetable wrap, spaghetti carbona raw, Thai noodles, roasted nuts, oriental buckwheat tabbouleh, asparagus with hollandaise sauce, nori rolls, chili sin carne, sprout burger, White cabbage boats, raspberry hazelnut mousse, banana ice cream, vanilla chia pudding, carob pudding, macadamia cheesecake, cinnamon cookies, Brazil nut biscuits and much more

Author/translator: Heike Michaelsen - scope: 150 pages - extended edition: 2021 with new raw recipe

E-book price: €14.95 incl. VAT (D) instant download in pdf format

Just switch to raw food

Interview with Heike Michaelsen

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