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The Mahatma Energy

Return and rise of the Avatar and Mahatma energies

In this meditation, the higher fifth dimensional twelve chakras are gradually activated by the high frequency Mahatma energy so that they can open and begin to rotate. This in turn can activate dormant DNA, revealing hidden talents and gifts.  We also learn how each chakra influences organs and spiritual development (according to Diana Cooper from "The Archangels") - see also "Mahatma Initiation Book).


The Mahatma energy was developed by a group of high vibrational cosmic beings. For many thousands of years the earth was in such a deep vibration that this energy was not available to us in the three-dimensional world. For several years we have been able to fall back on this precious energy resource. In this powerful meditation we allow the beautiful Mahatma energy of the Ascended and High Frequency Beings to flood our multidimensional body/mind/spirit system.


Bonus links to animated musical meditations to stream

- please note: the video links included in the e-book are for online streaming only -

1. Reconnecting with the Mahatma energy of the Avatars and Ascended Masters. 39:53 mins

The following bonus meditation for a short time only:

2. Look into the Cosmic Mirror - Recognize your True Self. 18:18 mins

3. Group out of body experience into the innermost heart chamber of the primeval central sun 1:20:57 h

Scope: 19 pages DIN A4 in pdf format for immediate download.

The e-book has not yet been edited and proofread. For this reason it is offered with bonus material at a discounted pre-sale price of:EUR 29.99 incl. VAT (D)- other countries may vary

Payment is processed via DigiStore24. Seller: Heike Michaelsen – imprint

introductory video

to the e-book "Mahatma Energy"


  • Dear Heike, the Mahatma energy has been very good for me, as has the Heilstrom video, which I only recently started using daily. Thank you very much! You always do it so beautifully, with everything you do: voice, language, explanations, and then the beautiful frame in picture and sound, each time a spiritual total work of art! I'm not familiar with the names of the upper chakras. Do you have anything in writing about this anywhere? I would be happy. Kind regards, Eleonore - Dear Eleonore, imChakra e-book (click here)lists the twelve fifth dimensional chakras.

  • This was such a powerful wonderful meditation. The music 🎶 it resonates and still resonates. For me gigantic. I'm totally happy 😁🥰🙏 I THANK you dear Heike for everything. Maria Theresa

  • First the Mahatma energy and then the healing streams... it's indescribable, simply wonderful, divine... thank you very much! Frank

  • Dear Heike, thank you very much for the wonderful meditation. I'm not really able to speak yet, because the Mahatma energy is working very intensively in me. Thank you very much! Ingrid

  • Heartfelt thanks for this wonderful meditation, dear Heike. I felt the light shower so strongly that space and time dissolved. pagan

  • My deepest and heartfelt thanks. Words are not enough... I feel so complete and perfectly healthy... Thank you for letting me be there.

  • What another great gift this wonderful energy is in the form of this light filled meditation. Thanks to you and all those who make it possible for us to connect with ourselves and each other so brightly - wow, Christine

  • Thank you Heike for giving sooo much light. Today, after the Mahatma Medi, I couldn't think of anything right for the first time that I could throw in my hands and the Heilstrom was bombastic. pure light.

  • Today will definitely go down in many extremely LIGHT SHOWER GIFTS..this morning I bathe non-stop for over 2 hours in the brightest, indescribable light----& then the Mahatma meditation & the healing streams------SPEECHLESS love you from soul to soul dear Heike. You are so big-hearted and such a great self-contained role model, Moni

  • Dear Heike, this felt energy fills me. It is pure abundance and love. It's coming home... am deeply touched. I thank you for this gift of being able to feel, see and hear all this and to share it with the world. I ask that you send me this exact meditation so that the process can continue. Unfortunately, the offer in the library confuses me and I can't find the right medication. I would like to transfer the costs to you. Thank you again! Be blessed and have a good time! Eve

  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I was allowed to renew the password!!! Thank goodness it worked. I am very grateful and humbled for this experience and feeling, Erika

  • Wow, what a gift dear Heike. I can hardly find words for this high vibrating, wonderful energy. My whole body vibrated. so beautiful THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for this gift. Renate

  • That was sooo full of love, a blessed, beautiful meditation, dearest Heike, just mega wow. I am very fulfilled and grateful. Much love to you, Brigitte

  • Thank you for the wonderful underpaintings / presentation of the videos. A very appealing and calming ART for me, Veronika

  • without a word... heartfelt thanks!

  • 1000 thanks for this wonderful meditation, it's as if I've always been waiting for this finally come true meditation. The Mahatma energy has accompanied me for many years.

  • I feel completely fulfilled after this meditation, thank you Angelika

  • It was wonderful, thank you so much, a wonderful meditation. You are simply divine Best regards, Bettina

  • Dear Heike, thank you very much for this powerful light meditation! Ute

  • Beloved Heike Words cannot describe what I felt and was allowed to perceive. Yuck Father and Jesus Maria and my ancestors were there and cleaned and adjusted my body. I didn't want to leave at all. I feel activated and purified and at peace. Thank you so much I would love to see and print you but you are so far gone. Someday I will travel to New Zealand to see you. Until then, I remain connected to you in love and gratitude telepathic your Suzanne sister of lemuria,♥️Suzanne

  • Many thanks, dear Heike,...a wonderful meditation and experience,...was/is another leap in "quality", in connection, in being! ...And yes, it was, is the energy of back then 1998-2000, Mahatma, the Avatar of Synthesis., .it was called then. gerald

  • The Mahatma meditation was a WOW experience. It flowed through me all night. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • I also want to thank you very much dear Heike!🙏⭐️💝 Standing in the pillar of light was great and perceiving the light streaming through all bodies, through the earth into the cosmos, to Venus and all connected...⭐️ It did too very good to see the structure of the crystalline body again. A crystalline shell, translucent and translucent. I'm very grateful. Eve

  • Dear Heike, it was once again so wonderful. Being there just yesterday morning, traveling with you all as a connected soul sister, then this Mahatma meditation. And the daily tuning. I have known the Mahatma Energy for a number of years, Avatar of Synthesis, you have brought it back so beautifully. She brings great peace and healing on all levels, the highest connection to the creative power. Thank you for being, thank you, thank you, thank you. With love Petra

  • Dear Heike. Wonderful and powerful, the meditations, heavenly gifts. I wanted to make you a donation via e-banking. But it doesn't work because I have to add your address next to your name, otherwise it won't be accepted. I don't have PayPal. Thank you very much. Martha

  • Dear Heike, I feel so much peace, I don't usually meditate. Yours flows with ease, I'm so fulfilled and touched from the deepest part of my being, I remembered my childhood dream of flying everywhere on the back of an eagle, I also flew myself, no matter with whom in foreign countries entertained me without words we just understood each other joy healing tears flow THANK YOU soul sister Alkes love for your further work ❤️ Anna Maria

  • Dear Heike Once again, a heartfelt thank you for your work. Whenever possible, I'm with the healing streams and now also the beautiful, powerful and light-filled Mahatma energy...which we can give to ourselves and to Mother Earth in love;-) Namasté Caroline

  • Dear Heike, I've been with the healing streams for a long time and it's just wonderful every time. And now this Mahatma energy meditation…. a big THANK YOU to you and all the levels involved for this precious gift. I am sooooo full of this energy... an indescribably beautiful feeling and the singing of Seraphina was the call of the divine soul for me, which touched me deeply. THANK YOU for all your work, DörteWhat a powerful meditation. Can't write anything else right now, I haven't quite got there yet. Hilde

  • So wonderfully uplifting and fulfilling! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Right now I'm with my daughter in Hamburg and as the dubbing wants it, I came across the Mahatma Gandih Bridge today! ❤️StephanieThank you thank you very much for this high-frequency beautiful meditation. Kind regards, Petra

  • Thank you I feel happy and light. It felt good to be there. 1000 thanks for your valuable support and your being and doing dear Heike! All the best to you.  Best regards Simone

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