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High Priests Activation

Master Voosloo and the Cosmic 22 Diamondheart Galaxies

Have you ever wondered if you were in the Golden Age eras of Atlantis or Lemuria

worked as a high priest or high priestess here on earth

or at least worked closely with these high beings?

With this meditatively designed e-book, you may come a little closer to answering these questions.

Current bonus
The e-book contains bonus links to the following meditations (to stream for at least 1 year):

High Priestess Activation with Lord Voosloo 28:57 min.

Bonus: Public Introduction Video 15:47 min 

Bonus: High Priest Avalon video link with language of light 15:00 min.

Scope of the e-book: approx. 30 pages DIN A4 in pdf format for immediate download.

The above bonus videos are not downloads. There are links that go directly under some images
are in e-books. The videos are accompanied by music and are visually beautifully edited.
Please note that an active internet connection is required to view the videos.

The e-book has not yet been edited and proofread. For this reason it is offered for
Reduced presale price from:EUR 29.99 incl. VAT (D)- other countries may vary

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introductory video

to the High Priest/Inner Activation e-book

Many souls are currently being activated for their higher destiny, including the high priests of days gone by. During this time, it's good to take breaks and downtime, because activations can be quite profound. Calm and stillness is a wonderful support. In the last few days and weeks I have also repeatedly received the information on how to implement activations meditatively, which I present in this e-book.
More information in the following video.

Thanks for all the wonderful feedback. I am very touched and I am happy that I can share with you

feels connected to Lord Voosloo.

  • Your MEDITATION is incredibly luminous. I had tears in my eyes and my Pegasus accompanied me. Wow, dearest Heike, you are a role model for me in sooo many things. You open my eyes and my heart with your luminous being. I thank you and hug you with all my heart you wonderful earthly angel.

  • Dear Heike! It was an unbelievable meditation... I've never experienced it with such intensity 🙏🙏🙏, not even close... a wonderful gift and a heart "obligation" glz. Awakening, remembering, transforming,...expanding,....being placed in its "true place",....I AM someone else now🙏🙏🙏,..activating to the highest degree💎💎💎 A THANK YOU is was GIVEN to an extent. I'm sure it will become even clearer to me later💎💎💎 A Kana keya. You are a sweetheart... mobile, with legs and wings,...on the move horizontally U vertically...everywhere! 🙏🙏 Heart hug 💞 May everyone do their "job", .. be the heart. Also "sow & see" , the same, a revelation,... the "Eye of God" better perceiving. Thanks!!! Geral

  • Dear Heike, I have just received the strongest and most beautiful initiation of my long ( 80 ) life in your internal member area,  als  White Priestess Lady_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ Gaba Anadaa , received from Lord Vooslo as one of 144 000 Lightnetworkers. Do you feel my new energy? Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your wonderful videos  with the healing  channelings. Namasté.  And for this initiation  of the High Priests especially !!! Since my cosmic parents are Melek Metatron and Shakti (as Sabine Sangitar channeled to me in 2017), I worked intensively on mir  (through  meditation and webinars with Sandra Lau and Jeanne Ruland ),  to  to  find out what my soul purpose is and how I can use my special,  gifts_ brought with me for the good of the190.cc78 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ could start...Since the eighties through the information from various books I already suspected  that with the frequency increase  the Erde  .... And today I was able to see through the veil with your  help - and recognize myself again as a High White Priestess. .. Everything is like a dream - and yet I feel with every fiber of my being that it's true! My emotions of joy and  of deep gratitude overflow... During the 45 minute video with very beautiful music, my tears flowed without crying, simply as a sign of the relief and joy of my soul. Dear Heike, feel my light between the lines, my love, my joy  and  my gratitude! Right now I'm feeling  like a beautiful blue butterfly spreading its wings.....l Have a nice sunny Sunday!  Namaste **Ajana*** - Thank you dear Ajana, I'm so happy that the activation of Lord Voosloo reached you. Wonderful. Thank you very much for your feedback and for sharing your beautiful words. And yes, we are all back to work on the Light Network and many of us are remembering it now these days. I love your name Ajana. My beloved niece bears the same name, spelled slightly differently (ayana)... and it means "beautiful flower". Much love, Heike

  • Dear Heike! Many thanks to you and all beings of light for this touching meditation. I shed tears. 🙏 and greetings from Switzerland, Doris

  • Your information from other dimensions is important to me. I feel like a child who is fascinated by the shop window and the display seems unreachable. I don't know whether I planned my "unconsciousness" or whether there are still blockages preventing openings. Sometimes I'm upset about it, sometimes I can accept it. Trusting that all is right as it is, I move on... Sincerely, Christina -  Yes, we all planned our ignorance in a way. It was for our protection in the past. And that was a good thing, and even necessary. Now this ignorance will gradually give way, and awareness is allowed to move in. It will happen step by step, as too much light at once would be too tiring for our central nervous system, which is often very busy. So everything is fine the way it is. Have a little patience and give yourself time. We have an infinite amount of it. There is no hurry at all. Much love and a wonderful Sunday. Heike

  • Thank you dear! A beautiful meditation with an opening of the heartenergy. Thank you for speaking to us again in the language of light. It's always so wonderful! melanie

  • Dear Heike, I'm so thankful for this meditation, this depth... after a few minutes I was in a trance, sometimes I didn't hear the words anymore, but I received a lot of information!! Insanely valuable, thank you very much. Cora

  • Thank you so much for the wonderful meditation. Thank you for your work and support on my way. Beate

  • Dear Heike 🦋 your medi touched me deeply, with many tears, the connection from the crown chakra to the heart was very intense to feel, just fantastic, 1000 thanks, I hug you. carmen

  • Dear Heike, thank you for all the wonderful and loving contributions. You touch me very much every time and fill me with joy and I feel connected to you in my heart. I am a midwife and accompany home births and thus follow my calling. And right now I'm waiting for a birth, today, at the full moon. How nice!! It's still going to take a while so I used the time   and went outside, into nature. In a beautiful spot under alder trees, sitting on mother earth, with lots of birdsong and humming around me, I enjoyed your meditation on Lord Voosloo.  I take this sacred, powerful and luminous energy with me into the birth and let it flow to my wife and her baby, which we will soon be able to welcome into the world.  Enchanting! I send you, dear Heike,   my heartfelt greetings and include you in my daily prayers. Hugs,  Anke - Oh, how wonderful. So beautiful. Thank you, dear Anke, for sharing this beautiful experience. The new life is born. Much love, Heike

  • ​From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you for the wonderful video. I was allowed to listen to it twice, on the full moon in the early morning and in the evening. The energies flowed and I felt very comfortable surrounded by light and love. 💞🍀🍀🍀🍀🌹🦋 I wish you and all living and loving beings a blessed time. Heidemarie

  • Dear Heike, I can hardly find words for my experience of this meditation. Never before have I felt so connected and fulfilled in a meditation. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this sooo deep touch of this oneness. All the best, Gertrude

  • Dear Heike, That was the deepest meditation I have ever experienced. I didn't want to get out of this state at all. The tears ran. Thank you so much Claudia

  • Dear Heike, thank you very much for this wonderful meditation. Since your last meditation, which was about the language of light, a lot has changed for me. Now, when I go for a walk, I am currently speaking in the language of light all the time, touching more shrubs than usual, and looking more closely at trees along the way (how they grew, etc.) rather than memorizing everything for a specific reason want (should). I look forward to whatever may change. All the best Andrea

  • Thank you very much dear Heike for this intensive meditation. I shed tears when I was allowed to meet Master Wuslo and the language of light triggers a lot of joy in me. The soul jumps. Thank you so much. Kind regards Lydia - Thank you dear Lydia. So nice that you are here with us.

  • Dear Heike, After your meditation, I am still floating in a divine, light-filled sphere, my crown chakra is fully open. It feels wonderful! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your high priestess video, which gave me goosebumps and gave me a deep feeling of coming home. Hugs for your bright, positive nature. Sincerely, Sibylle

  • Now I know why my kids love amusement parks and roller coasters so much. It reminds us of the places and worlds we come from and where we could move freely without having to stand on our feet. As we entered the room in Avalon, I felt that we are transparent beings who are one and yet have a self. Thanks! Martin

  • Dear Heike, it was indescribably beautiful, thank you from the bottom of my heart, Marianne

  • Dear Heike, our language does not want to express what happens during the eludes any terms...This meditation is so healing, powerful and connecting!! The energies can be felt very clearly and it was so incredibly touching and touched my heart in the depths of my being...I thank YOU from the heart, as well as the spirit world for these initiations, activations and energy transfers...NAMASTE, with love, Yvonne - Thank you, dear Yvonne, for being there. And yes, the energies of the spiritual world are indescribable 💫 

  • Dear Heike! It was indescribably beautiful. I was definitely gone. Unfortunately I can't remember anything. But in due course, this experience will surely be brought into my waking consciousness. I thank YOU and the spirit world, especially Master Voosloo, from the bottom of my heart. With love, Barbara - Yes, many "downloads" and memories sometimes need some time to become conscious. ✨

  • Thank you dear Heike The meditation was just wow! You radiate a special energy! Kai

  • just wonderful, thank you. what great music, who plays it? Hello Alexander

  • Thank you dear Heike. ♥️Katrin

  • Dear Heike, thank you very much for this beautiful and very powerful meditation. Greetings from Dresden. Manuela

  • Thank you for the great work you are doing here. Regina
  • Wonderful it resonates high and low wow. Hildegard
  • Heike🥰 you are such an indescribable GRACE😍-how awesome this High Priestess Activation Part 2 is🔥.....what a DIVINE gift🙏🙏🙏.. My heart is overflowing & I love working THROUGH YOU(!) on this great transformation to be able to!!💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖Namasté... Monika
  • A wonderful meditation! I felt completely at home, right where I belong. Dear Heike, maybe you can provide us with this meditation as a file so that we can do it again and again in offline mode. That would be great. Thanks! Josephine

  • Dear Heike, thank you for your beautiful nature videos that give so much strength and also your valuable inspiring words 💎💎💎 I don't know Lord Wuslow (possibly not spelled correctly) but when you pronounce the name, I feel deep humility, gratitude, Love and tears flow... thank you for your activation video and for being & working 🙏 Petra

  • Wow, thank you Heike for this very profound meditation. I felt the energies very clearly. Beautiful Lydia

  • Dear Heike, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this very intensive, wonderful meditation. You are doing great things. Petra

  •  Thank you very much for all these wonderful messages and energies that I am allowed to receive here. It feels like coming home. Just today, after moving house, I got my hands on the book The Mists of Avalon. Just goosebumps and look forward. I wholeheartedly agree with the other comments and especially Ankr's post with the new earthling, what a great moment. Many thanks to everyone, especially to Heike, that we can experience and experience all this and feel connected through you. Andrea

  • Dear Heike, thank you so much, indescribably beautiful, words fail me.. I did the meditation today on Sunday and connected with all of you, so lovingly 🙏💛 together we form more and more light and light-loving connections. Thank you dear Heike. Margit

  • thank you, heike❣️at the end of your wonderful music, a gigantic vibration/destabilization/shift of (material?) cosmic energy happened to me=very liberating/relaxing/connecting... absolute experience of unity❣️🌷❣️thank you🐝 - Ulrich

  • Good morning dear Heike. Last night I wanted to hear the meditation with my husband. But it didn't work. Instead, I was allowed to give him a wonderful energetic wellness massage. I was woken up at five this morning by my spiritual guidance. In the moonlight I was able to enjoy the meditation that ran as soon as I clicked it.
    Everything happens when the time is right for it. We are always guided to our highest good. Have faith in this leadership. To yourself and what is happening. Thank you dear Heike for this wonderful meditation. It connected me even more deeply to the love within me. With my heart and my basic trust. Thanks also to all spiritual beings who were involved. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

  • Wow how powerful, thank you very much 🙏🙏🙏. I felt it even more than in the 1st activation. Thank you for your being and the cosmic university. You're Marvellous.


  • Dear Heike, I would like to thank you with a bright ray of light 🙏🙏🙏 what colors I saw.. Simply wonderfully connected to the heart. My tears ran almost the whole time.. I was at home.. Dear Ingrid, I salute you.

  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this activation. I felt it clearly and saw it inside 💛 I can hardly find the words for it right now and feel blessed. Jeannett

  • Dear Heike, it was so beautiful 🙏🙏🙏 I was able to perceive so much light and tears flowed during the operation. I didn't expect it at all, so the experience was all the better. A big thank you from the heart. ann

  • The meditation with Lord Voosloo was gigantic my dear Heike 🥰. Full of love, gentleness and love 🧡💛 Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Dear Heike! I feel great gratitude in my ❤ for the initiation and for the grace to be a part of Mother Earth's ascension process. I have already listened to the meditation twice, yesterday and today. I woke up with an ever-growing heart and felt bliss, although I know that there are still some challenges in the 'material' world, a big thank you also to Master Voosloo and all the light-filled beings who are involved. All the best from my heart from Bettina

  • Thank you very much dear Heike, that was so wonderful. I had goosebumps the whole time. I am also in the process of doing your Essene Meditations and 12 Chakra Activation over and over again. Unfortunately I'm still strong in the 3D world through my work and I don't always succeed. Time is short, although I know that time is an illusion.  But since last year I have been opening myself more and more into the spiritual life. It's so nice to have a teacher like you and good that I can be connected via the internet. Thank you thank you thank you. Angelica

  •  Hello dear Heike. Like many others before me, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart for this meditation. As soon as the video started, I got goosebumps and saw "lemon yellow" light. Then I was allowed to go swimming in the shower of security and warmth. Your language of light is simply beautiful. I feel extremely comfortable listening to you do this. As with the first video, I was in awe of Lord Voosloo. I was allowed to see its outline briefly and realized that it had been accompanying me in cloud form for weeks. When he then laid hands on me, I felt unworthy and shed a lot of tears. My legs grew heavy, as if Mother Earth was holding me and I was giving her energy in return. In addition, my hands tingled extremely during the video and I got pain in my upper arms. The "hiss" sound made me feel like my body was being cleansed. It felt like sweeping the house with a broom and it was extremely tugging in my sacral chakra. To contain the energy I had to form my hands into a ball. At the end of the video my legs got extremely weak and my right temple felt tight. I feel like a newborn. So again: thank you, thank you, thank you. Your Anett

  • Thank you very much Heike!!! I AM SO THANKFUL TO YOU FOR EVERYTHING... there are no words for how I feel... NAMASTE you & ALL the contributors... I LOVE YOU WITH A PURE HEART... with GRATITUDE ANNELIESE

  • Dear Heike, may your heart receive my infinite gratitude for this incredibly magical journey to the ethereal place of Lord Voosloo, Stonehenge and Avalon. No words can equal the feeling in me of how much love I am flooded with and how much boundless love of light-filled healing I have already been able to bring to Mother Earth at the speed of blossom diamond dust and light and distribute to everything that is. This lightness of being, what we came for, in active action makes everything in me dance and my soul flutters like a butterfly in the boundless expanse of the universe. Just sooooo sooooo beautiful picture book. Thank you sooooo much.

  • Dear Heike, Carried by the music and the sound of the language of light, I felt enveloped in an energy that completely filled me. Thanks for the enjoyment. Erika

  • Dear Heike, thank you for your extremely extensive and profound meditation. It is remarkable what a fantastic gift you have been blessed with. I will be very happy to follow you. Thanks!

  • Thank you very much for your valuable and loving work, dear Heike! I had to cry so much - I had to let my mother, who I loved above everything else, go this year - and we both wanted to master this challenging path together and with each other. If it is to be so, the gift of being able to look into/onto the other side, which was revealed years ago with the help of a shaman, will open up to me fully and continuously. Don't be afraid or you'll hear the flies coughing. - And then I wish for a lot of abundance, which I would like to distribute on a larger scale! Much love and God's immeasurable blessings to you, C.

  • Good morning dear Heike I am a part of the whole. I can and was allowed to remember, thanks to you and many others who support me in this. It is a “wonderful” time . I feel blessed and I bless. Thank you Ulrike

  • A wonderful meditation! I felt completely at home, right where I belong. Dear Heike, maybe you can provide us with this meditation as a file so that we can do it again and again in offline mode. That would be great. Thanks! Josephine

  • Dear Heike, your video on activating the High Priestesses started a profound process of knowledge in me.
    This process came to an end yesterday. Anya

  • Dear Heike, it was an incredibly beautiful meditation. Everything just flowed out... even the less luminous parts went into their transformation full of humility. I had a blockage in my soul star chakra, which was finally allowed to be resolved. Big thanks and deepest humility for this initiation at the highest level to all beings of light, Lord Voosloo, especially to you, dearest sister of light and all high priests involved. Tears flowed with joy, I saw my life in Avalon and met the highest vibrating diamond dragon Orsaana, so beautiful.., deepest gratitude for our work together. May our love heal everything on our dear Mother Earth/Gaia.

  • Dear Heike, first of all, thank you very much for your valuable work, which you also designed so artistically appealing. The videos are fun, your voice is pleasant and the content is of course enriching. A great support in the necessary realignment in these special times.

  • Dear Heike, first of all, thank you very much for your valuable work, which you also designed so artistically appealing. The videos are fun, your voice is pleasant and the content is of course enriching. A great support in the necessary realignment in these special times. Petra

  • Dear Heike, first of all, thank you very much for your valuable work, which you also designed so artistically appealing. The videos are fun, your voice is pleasant and the content is of course enriching. A great support in the necessary realignment in these special times. Apparently there is a first meditation, but I can't find it. Would you give access to that too? Kind regards Petra - Thank you dear Petra. The bonus meditation videos are available at:High Priest Activation

Feedback and comments are welcome directly in the video or in theBlog (click here and scroll down).

High Priest Activation Feedback

  • Wow, thank you so much for the many wonderful comments. I am completely overwhelmed and very happy that we can all experience the activation together here. Unfortunately, since the comment field on this page does not work properly, I am showing a small excerpt of the comments that came in just in the first few hours after publication. - Your Heike

  • Dear Heike, I was completely blown away by both videos. I cried deeply touched, answered you in light language and am now filled with a deep peace and the knowledge that this time it will succeed. I was told last year that I was already in Lemuria and here on earth as a High Priestess. I can't prove it, but it feels absolutely right to me. In me is the deep heart's desire to love myself unconditionally and then to bring this unconditional love back here on earth, to live and spread it, just to be there as a lighthouse. My soul, my heart just want to BE THERE. Dear soul sister, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your being and work and I thank God and the angels for leading me to you. May we work together for the new golden age. All the best to you, sincerely Sylvie

  • I just experienced my strongest feeling so far during the high priest activation video, ala I-a-shiver-runs-down-my-back-up to my arms and legs - even stronger than the first live stream with Braco - thank you - Rudi

  • Dear Heike, words can hardly express my gratitude for giving me this gift. It feels like coming home. I am deeply touched, cry again and again, feel the soles of my feet as if they were on fire. My hands are throbbing and I can feel waves of energy flowing through me. I let this continue to work and unfold, without expectation, only in being and feeling. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your blessed work and being. Kind regards, Andrea

  • I thank you from the bottom of my heart, I fully resonate and also know that I have set my memories. People have come up to me and told me I'm a diamond! Avalon fascinated me as a child and I was right in the middle of the experiences! I am very much looking forward to uncovering more and more memories to anchor the light of MotherFather Creator God here. I have a memory where we celebrate being allowed to incarnate here to liberate the earth! Thank you for your work! Namaste Cora

  • Thank you very much for this activation video. Tears ran down my face as soon as I heard the announcement, something moved me and I'm excited to see how my energy field and perceptions will change. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Petra Marion

  • I went into deep resonance with this activation. There have been so many tears; of gratitude, of amazement, of remembrance, of bliss, of hope, of joy. I am deeply touched and overjoyed! - heike

  • Dear Heike💎 Thank you very much for this activation 💛 I feel so connected and arrived. I saw all the priestesses in a circle and then around the whole earth in a circle working with the 22 galactic rays of light and a heavenly song of the language of light. A wonderful, touching experience, especially where Master .... Wu ... came. Just homesick 😍GgLG - Rita

  • Dear Heike, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the inauguration. I cried as soon as the video started because I felt like I was there right away. The moment when you asked for the inauguration with your energetic voice was the absolute goose bumps moment.

  • The last 14 days in particular have made me aware of how great my potential is and how extensive my knowledge is. How great is my power that I carry within me and how much strength I have to FINALLY act and serve humanity...

  • With the initiation I received confirmation and another activation! Thank you very much for what you are and what you do. Kind regards, Daniela

  • Hello dear Heike, thank you very much for this beautiful video. I found it very relieving. During the half hour I cried twice from the bottom of my heart, just like that, without any reason. And my battery died once in the middle, then the side was completely gone when I turned it back on. Otherwise the phone always saves the open tasks... Thank you again for this nice experience.

  • Hello🌞 tingling and heavy hands, warmth on the head on the heart... I arrived home. A few days ago someone said to me, I will shine more from my expression. I couldn't do anything with that .... but now .. tears have flowed .... everything was right. Thank you so much....Light and love...🌞❤️⭐ T.

  • Hello dear Heike, thank you for this great video and the felt training. When I resonate with high vibrations, I have to take several deep breaths and I also start yawning. That's how I felt with this video!💫 I'm always really happy about your gifts for the world/the universe and at the same time I feel connected. It's 12:22 while I'm looking at the clock... You also show me my inner connection to Australia, which I've felt since I was a small child. I always thought it might be something unprocessed from my previous life, but I now believe it's the reputation of my homeland. I cried profusely during one of your videos about the essence of Australia and I couldn't stop yawning and breathing during the book "In resonance". (the author is Australian) Even when I'm standing on Australian soil I feel safe. Thank you for your being and the wonderful gifts that give you support in a way, because you hardly find any light in this chaotic world, especially in my younger generation . Warm greetings from the heart, Carolin

  • Thank you very much Heike. I could perceive vibrating pleasant colorful light sources in me, I had welcomed this source some time ago and was able to perceive it more consciously for the first time today. This, I believe, thanks to your initiation. Meike

  • Dear Heike, you wonderful angel, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for this WONDERFUL awakening. My body and my energy system trembled and vibrated, the tears flowed and I am filled with the vibrations I experienced. Is that the reason I'm here? I looked forward to the time ahead with confidence. And let my diamond dance above my stargate and in my  and capture love light energies and install them on earth. Be warmly embraced in deep love and appreciation for your being and your work. THANK YOU Gabrielle

  • Yes, that's me. I have no idea whether I was actually a high priestess and I have no idea whether something high priestess was activated in me, but letting your video contribution take effect solved some things and at the point where your voice changed, I reacted clearly physically (tension/ Muscles clenched and my eyes watered - like I was about to start crying, only it didn't come to that). Thank you very much for all your actions and work!!! I can't say/feel whether and what effects the video has on me - but I trust in divine timing and that everything has its purpose and its time and that what belongs to me and may/should come to me, even if I don't notice or see anything about it. =) Heartfelt greetings and lots of love for you, dear and fantastically beautiful Heike!!! - Ole

  • Many thanks for that. I feel it just like you say it. At that time I was there in Atlantis, among other things also as high priestess, then again in Avalon and today I serve the light and the realization of the golden age on our wonderful planet. Thank you for this conscious activation. The connections are becoming ever clearer. Yes, we have agreed to meet here again to support and lift Mother Earth and humanity into the light. Greetings, thank you for your work, Magdalena

  • It was or is incredible - feel the light - the power and the connection. Thank you for this magical moment. I personally feel a strong connection to ancient Egypt and know that I was also a high priestess there - among other things (had several lives there). If it is possible - I would very much like to join your cosmic university or whatever, I would definitely like to be a part of it and be part of it. What should I do? Want more of this energy, it's very nurturing to me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. All the best and in solidarity Sigrid

  • Yes, I resonated with the activation. Weeks ago I sought and got a connection to Stonehenge and Avalon which was very moving. I have always felt a magical attraction to these places and I know that I once worked here. Still, I ask what my job is. I left my job as a teacher. What do I do with this information??? Kind regards, Sabine

  • Dear Heike, thank you from the bottom of my heart 🌟🌟🙏🏻🌟🌟❤️ for your being, your work. Your companion ⭐️⭐️🙏🏻 I feel richly gifted with gifts that have always been within me. I love the language of light, it touches me deeply, may your life be filled with happy heart moments. God bless you, I hug you, Nihal

  • Thank you so much for this wonderful High Priestess Energy Activation video. I have been working energetically in my practice for a long time. Also with unicorn spray. Use the High Riestess Spray and currently the Oceanic Consciousness Sea Turtle.

  • I felt the activation directly through my heart chakra and my crown chakra spoke up.

  • Listen to your wonderful videos regularly and forward the corresponding link to those of my friends and patients who are open to it. All the best for you and your work Jutta

  • A unique language of light has repeatedly made its way. My crown and star chakra were highly activated. My whole head felt a bit heavy and a ray of light flowed into me from above via a channel. I kept having tears in my eyes. It was very moving.

  • Now my head is still heavy and my palms feel like they have balls of energy in them again.

  • Thank you for the wonderful videos, your work and the beautiful energy you radiate.

  • Dear Heike I am full of joy about your wonderful memory activation In gratitude Brigit

  • Hello dear Heike! It was a wonderful experience for me...I felt transported back to Atlantis. I saw myself wrapped in a blue-violet coat...when the name lord wuslo was mentioned, tears came to my was so familiar to me...the diamond beam flooded my still tingles everywhere. ...❤ thanks ...I'm looking forward to next time...namaste . Lydia

  • Dear Heike, Thank you very much! That was great!! How wonderful to hear your words and your beautiful pictures and animations!

  • I've seen us all around the world connected in the golden light and we were looooooty big, the earth so small.... . Suzanne

  • Dear Heike, thank you very much for the wonderful video. I felt a tingling sensation and a soothing, warming energy combined with rest and relaxation. Thank you - J

  • Dear Heike, I send you my heartfelt thanks. The activation touched me so deeply. Already the first words of the language of light triggered a crying attack in me, a coming home and I felt my heart so much. Hands full of love have held my face, let thoughts of unworthiness melt away and made me understand: straighten up, get up, let your diamond shine - it's you. There was always an inkling that I had once been a high priestess, but there was such an emptiness in me and a complete disconnection, as if I were sealed under a bell, which repeatedly made me sad and powerless. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Much love, Carola

  • Beautiful dear Heike ❤️ 🙏 I felt very good and I love these energies.. thank you from the bottom of my heart. Monica

  • Yes, tears are falling, the urge to speak the language of light is increasing. Something wants to open up in me that I can't grasp yet and that can have a major impact on change. My body responds with fine, gentle vibrations. It feels new and also familiar, so fine and gentle, yet very powerful in its gentleness. The diamond hovers over me. Spontaneous singing of the soul, hot tears roll down. I'll let it continue to affect me now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, best regards Evelin

  • When I saw the video with the 22 diamond central suns, it occurred to me that these are related to the major arcana of the tarot. For years I have been dealing with a birth code that also deals with these 22 energies. Now it was confirmed for me today in this beautiful video. Kind regards Heike (your namesake)

  • Dear Heike, my gratitude is immeasurable for this message and this activation... I cried for the whole 30 minutes without interruption and so many things became clear to me, including this perception that I have carried with me for a very long time: "I I'm here to change / move something big for the earth and humanity"...I can't remember such violent reactions from my body (other than emotional distress of a negative kind) as what happened to me just now, during the Activation (but in a positive way - a lot has been solved)... I'm still so badly affected that I'm not even able to share much right now, because I'm kind of "next to me" now... I feel very deep GRATITUDE and am deeply touched by what I have just experienced... NAMASTE dear soul, I bow to you... THANK YOU, with deep connectedness and LOVE...yvonne

  • Thanks. Sounded so familiar...... I don't know why I do some things buy us crystal glass.....pick up my hair that's falling out and now suddenly dry herbs... ...LG Heike

  • I really resonated and it was a joy to remember! THANKS! - Annette

  • Thank you very much 🌟💫🙌💫🌟🙏🙏🙏💫💫🕊🌈 it was overwhelming.... felt like arriving. Heike

  • Hello dear Heike, thank you for the wonderful video. I have never heard of "Lord Wuslu". Very interesting. A medium in New Zealand channeled me a few years ago that I was a "High Priestess". I'm not sure if that's really true. I definitely liked the video and I could bathe in this energy 😊☀☀☀ warm greetings Diana

  • Thank you for your cosmic gift. The activation touched me deeply. A few days ago, the energy of the ravens came to me and I felt more connected to Avalon. Connections are becoming clearer and clearer to me now. Experiences in my previous life are intertwined. For example, about 15 years ago, during an energy training course, I was asked what I am bringing/have brought with me as a gift: As a child, I saw myself floating down to earth in a light blue dress and holding a diamond in my hands , which I then dropped off at a certain location..... - A.

  • "Diamond breath" I've been hearing in my meditations for a few weeks now and now I've really been allowed to breathe diamond 💎. The memory of what happened came a few days ago. - Wiebke

  • Hello Heike, thank you for this wonderful video! I have 2 experiences to report: 1. The foreign language you speak sounds like a blessing to me, my body vibrates. 2. At a certain moment in the video, in relation to the diamond, I felt my root chakra being activated very clearly, whatever that means in this context. . Christiane

  • Dear Heike, I can't really put into words what has happened to me. I am in a peaceful state of being... far beyond the 5th dimension. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this activation... there was perfect divine healing energy for everything that is - Eveline

  • Wuuuundeeerbar 🌞🌞🌞 it's like coming home 🌞🌞🌞 thank you very much - Sylvia

  • Dear Heike, thank you very much for this activation. I dived deep into your words, I can't yet explain/understand/put into words what triggers them right after hearing them. I am filled with deep calm, infinite love and the memory of ancient knowledge. Somehow I feel as if the radiance of my heart has increased even further. I'm curious how my environment will react and how it will feel as the seed continues to sprout. Thank you very much ♥️ and have a fine swinging day to you too 💫 Antje

  • I can't put it into words,... Just beautiful and very deeply touched 💖 I have the feeling my head is pulling up towards the diamond. I think mine has a diameter of 20cm 😍😇. Curious about what's to come... ❤️ Many thanks and greetings from Vorarlberg (A) Karin

  • Dear Heike, during the activation goosebumps flooded my body and the light energy flowed through me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Bright greetings from the far north.

  • Endless thanks to you! I had to breathe a lot and fast during the video, yawned constantly and had tears in my eyes. My palate vibrated and cold flames licked my skin. In the cloud formations I saw a being that made me feel an absolute sense of home and love. I'm curious what will happen next. It is not easy to take this experience into everyday life. In the sense of: Knowledge gained and now? Thank you for being and working!!!

  • Dear Heike, thank you very much for this video! Strong goosebumps on my legs led me to this post, otherwise I would not have paid attention to it.... but while I was listening to your language of light and your explanations, so many puzzle pieces fell into each other inside me...... So much went into it in resonance with me. I was set on my way by the twin soul initiation 12 years ago and through your video it seems to me that I can finally see some real meaning in it all! Many of the things you said have come back to me again and again over the last few years - in the form of individual insights and messages. You summed them all up for me today and put them in context... amazing. I feel an indescribable GRATITUDE, an arrival, an opening of my further path (at the moment I felt a bit like in an emptiness, wanting nothing more, floating freely in space) I don't know exactly how things will continue now, but I will connect to this activating diamond frequency that makes me feel so at home........ that alone is a huge gift! Thank you so much for BEING and WORKING! I hug you and send you many greetings from Heidelberg! Barbel

  • Dear Heike, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work. Your videos are very special. I love the subtle vibration. I felt so carried in the video and with the energies of the High Priest Activation. My body kept reacting to the language of light with goosebumps.

  • This activation was a true blessing. I'm curious to see what will happen in the future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Jasmine

  • Dear Heike, thank you for this valuable meditation, yes I went into resonance, yes I am a part of it... and yes, I also felt through this meditation that I am participating and that everything that should come to be healthy always comes to me become. In deep spiritual connection, thank you, thank you, thank you for your work and being Alexandra

  • Thank you very much for this transmission 💫 The suffering I had to endure for so long has dissolved with a lot of tears. I look forward to this bright time and act without fear. Because now I'm protected again 😇 💞 in love 💞 Anna

  • Dear Heike, It was very interesting for me. I cried a lot. Feeling great gratitude. I then drew cards from my Atlantis cards. Gratitude, High Priestess. Have self-made cards, these are counted 22 cards - 1 card drawn = skills.

  • It was really a very positive experience, although I don't really know what it all means now. Hello Ulrike and thank you very much

  • Beautiful! I don't understand much of what you're doing... But, it totally resonates with me! It feels right and natural. I thank you! Are you depressed! Yvonne

  • Thank you 🙏 What I physically noticed is that my solaplexus was very active and these activities expanded into my body. I saw myself as High Priestess

  • Dear Heike, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this video. I cried just watching the public video on YouTube and my third eye went crazy. I saw a purple diamond and the phrase "I am an amethyst" rang in my head. Even as a child I loved this gemstone and it can still be found in many places today. I was born on the winter solstice 1978, way too early between 7th and 8th month, and double Sagittarius.

  • Thank you Heike! Wooow and a miracle! For weeks I have had images of existence as a high priest, not only on earth.....Egypt was strong there,..and this activation, initiation has potentiated that... Since April last year I have been consciously aware of my path, ..I thought, a 2nd spring is coming,...and now, seems to me that it's only really starting now. You're Marvellous! When your web pages were suddenly gone, I immediately felt that space was being made for something much bigger, essential, ...and see who is there now! Hug!! Dearest greetings! G.

  • This year I have been trained as a Theta Healer and am entrusted with Reiki and chakras and other forms of energy work, although I work as a tax consultant in the secular.

  • It's getting more and more exciting. I got to know my sisters of light during this training and we are planning a health and healing center. This idea from a flash of inspiration, more while fooling around, came up very quickly and is now becoming more concrete. It shall be so, for all that belongs to us comes to us with ease, joy and glory. I send you dear Heike with heartfelt greetings from Hamburg, thank you for being. sabine ;-)

  • Thank you very much, a little bit of sadness left over after soo long. Joy to step into a new connection, to be in a new connection. On a physical level, Yew has a new direction in controlling physical events. Sharing joy in the newly gained, regained freedom and in being there. Love, Edith

  • Dear Heike! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Now I understand a lot, I was allowed to see the diamond some time ago, the lylines, the dragons on my balcony, unicorns when I close my eyes, us Solaria on the PC Thank you Thank you Greetings Michaela

  • Dear Heike, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your contribution! Already in yours, when you mentioned the word and that of the priestesses, tears welled up in my eyes and I was deeply touched and grateful knowing: It's time .. and everything can heal! In gratitude for your being and in love for your wonderful contributions! Warm greetings from Switzerland, Masha

  • Dear Heike, I am very grateful that I was led to you today and to this video! It brought many tears to my eyes and brought me closer to myself. As you said in the previous video, many cannot believe that I was a high priestess. Yes, I feel the same way, I always think, I don't. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your being and your work! Kind regards, Jutta

  • At the beginning of the video sitting in meditation, immediately saw golden light. Then dizziness and malaise, laid down and towards the end at mention of Avalon the veils lift and until 2032 the gate is open again, strong emotions (crying, heart opening, deep feeling). Then asked the spiritual world to take my hand and guide me. Many thanks for this valuable gift. karen

  • Thank you very much for this wonderful video 🙌👼🌟❤️🙏 many tears flowed and I felt vibrations throughout my body and my heart chakra very strongly at the beginning 🙏❤️🙏 be blessed and protected 🌟🙌👼🌟 from the bottom of my heart greetings ❤️ Regina

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for your energy 💜 deeply grateful I'm sitting in my favorite place in the sand, in front of me the Elbe and the mountains after activation 💜 a bow to the high priest happened automatically a few minutes before you said it 💜 at the golden ray my head went back and my body vibrated for a short time 💜 all the parts just come together at once and make a whole for me 💜 Thank you Thank you Thank you for your energy.

  • Thank you very much dear Heike! I am deeply touched! I felt strong energies. Especially at the moment of activation, I had intense goosebumps all over my head and neck. I was sitting up straight and just fell backwards before the activation, like “away” for a moment. I feel very addressed and am completely fulfilled. Kind regards, Stefanie

  • Yes and how, I burst into tears as soon as I heard the first familiar words. A big thank you

  • Hello dear Heike, I resonate with that.. in a previous life I was said to have been a high priestess.. I'm looking forward to the video

  • Thank you dear Heike, the energy was very high and my heart was filled with lots of light and a refreshing clarity. Then the energy moved to the throat chakra and very strongly into the third eye level before opening my crown chakra wide. It was deep gratitude for a moment and a few tears. I have felt like an acupuncture needle on this planet for years to store my light anywhere in the world. Wonderful - I'm curious if something new will be noticeable in the next few days. Eva Maria

  • I'm at a loss for words....My whole body is pulsing!!! Thank you Stefanie

  • I thank you very much for this, dear Heike, at first I felt a little resistance when I heard the language of light, up to one or two specific "words", then tears came and I repeated them to give up and give up these old fears behind them , then it ran and the connection became steadily more powerful.. in the body in the middle back and lower also in the left chest, immediately saw and felt my own unicorn and dragon Avalon Stone Circle is given to me by Julia, a card fairy who lives there and her readings often shown outdoors on YouTube, for a long time steadily growing AGAIN more and more familiar..I am grateful for this high vibrating time and light forces that are being awakened in us again...,for a healthy earth and all living beings, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU

  • Dear Heike, I was able to resonate well and let the energies flow. Thank you for your valuable work. Your voice, your words have a vibration that completely resonates with me. Love, Antonia

  • Dear Heike, it can't really be described in words. It's gone so deep. tears and lightness. Thank you very much. Monica

  • I went completely into resonance, as with every video of yours, goosebumps and agitation as well as tears incl. - N.

  • Totally immersed in meditation! Perceived the golden light with intense heat coming out through my prana tube into my heart chakra, through my hands and eyes too! Thank you 💋 Heike

  • Right from the start I felt a tingling in my hands, which then spread to my arms up to my elbows. A soft and at the same time intense light accompanied me the whole time I was immersed in it. I clearly felt the activation. I feel like something wonderful has happened to me. Thank you very much for that  - M.

  • I'm not really able to write anything meaningful right now. But it brought back memories from life when I was high priestess. - Hilde

  • Dear Heike, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful, extremely powerful and deeply enriching video. I felt the activating power in my hands throughout. A golden net in the structure of the Flower of Life built up around Mother Earth, the 22 crystals were woven into it and through the net all incarnated High Priests were connected. An incredible love was felt and my body filled with golden light from the outside over my head, arms and legs to my heart. At the very end, something comfortably dim happened in my head, which I unfortunately can't describe in more detail, but it was pleasant. Once again my heartfelt thanks to you and EVERYONE involved - Elke

  • Thank you 🙏 the light language gave me feelings of "finally home" ❤️ good tears are constantly running ❤️ my body is flooded with warmth - Simone

  • Dear Heike, thank you for this wonderful video, it was affirming and very touching for me. I already knew about my past as a high priest, but images came up in my head again and the activation words shook me with veritable "energy shivers" - always a sign of the highest truth and confirmation for me. Thanks. Love, Elke

  • Tears flow, I hug you all from the bottom of my heart, finally... endlessly... - Elke

  • Dear Heike. When I decided to listen to the video it was exactly 10:01 am and the church bells rang. At first there were a few delays with the technology (as I told you), but then it worked very well. I listened to it with headphones and eyes closed on the balcony. I was enveloped in a rose/pink light the whole time that intensified and rejuvenated. In circular waves interspersed with bright flashes that stretched out horizontally. Always a lot of color and when your voice got louder, I felt it all over my body, tears flowed. The master's -his name- is gone again, could be seen briefly. But I was allowed to experience that this face was not his but mine. Thank you for this gift. I've been feeling something inside me for a long time. that connects me Connects with people and their energy. Especially in women's circles. I myself am a mother of 2 sons (adult) and this maternal energy is very strong in me. Almost too strong for me for a while, since after my breakup, my attraction to other men was always, and still is, a maternal one. I've been on my way for a long time, I think a very, very long time. I know everything is fine the way it is and we are guided. I live my calling and I am satisfied. There were and are moments when I felt that there was still something inside me, that something was still to come. Maybe today, through you, I woke it up again. Who knows. Thanks so much. Lots of light and love for you and all of us in this bright time. A loving hug, Ulli

  • HEAVENLY. There are no earthly words for it. GOD BLESS YOU. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. - L

  • I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your transmissions! Love Nicole

  • That was actually a very nice. special moment right now. First my stomach was very excited, then I had tears in my eyes (I always have that when something is right.) Then in the language of light there were so many "ka" since I was 7 years old, I'm ka, from katrin. I felt safe and also comforted. Now I am connected to a pillar of light from the universe, my head is tingling. A nice experience thanks for that. Kind regards

  • Thank you dear Heike, Unfortunately, it causes me to tense up, ie fear. But also tears. Then calm down again. I found a great oak tree that I'm sitting under right now. Excitingly, 2 pigeons got up and made so much noise during the loud activation that I had to look up at the sky. Thanks . I also saw the dragons in the sky (in cloud form) about 1 month ago surrounded by many angels. I am so thankful that we humans get support. Thank you thank you thank you too. With love Christina

  • Beautiful dear Heike. I vibrated all over my body and it is so consistent with my energy 😍.... Thank you very much for the beautiful message. Z

  • Dear Heike, thank you for your work! I felt the high vibration. My heart felt so incredibly free and a deep joy that touched me a lot came up. We are so blessed! Thank you very much! With love, Melanie

  • Thank you very much, I was deeply touched and tears welled up in my eyes. Light and love Irina

  • Dear Heike, it can hardly be expressed in our language what has just happened in me through your contribution to the activation of my high priestess. For that I would have to send you language of light. My heart was pounding very hard and every cell is now resonating. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul! I wish you a bright and light-bringing time, your Kerstin

  • Dear Heike, thank you very much for the experience with this energy frequency. For me it was particularly noticeable in the back heart chakra. I love Avalon and Stonehenge so that connection was very present for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Erika

  • Hello dear Heike, it was such a nice experience, thank you from the bottom of my heart. B,

  • Yes, I really am, it was one of my greatest and most beautiful, wow, experiences I was allowed to make. Thank you very much! . Verena

  • Dear Heike, a shiver went through my whole body and a feeling of happiness, especially when I heard Lemuria. Thank you for this wonderful video. Marion

  • The announcement in the podcast spoke to me immediately, it was completely clear to me that the activation was intended for me. Your language of light triggered my inner feeling of approval every time, a strong wave, my "yes". There are no memories in me, it just feels wonderful, it lifts me up inside, lets me grow, become big and wide. After the meditation, my eyes can be sharper, I can see better in the distance - which I immediately notice with my short-sightedness without glasses! Thank you for this experience. I remain, full of curiosity, Eva

  • Dear Heike, the video touched me very much. This crystal/diamond has appeared in many meditations or other situations for years - my health team is also my crystal team. INCREDIBLE 😍 how everything fits together. When I saw Master Wuslow, tears ran down my eyes, my hands tingled and my stomach felt a little queasy.

  • Many thanks dear Heike, that was wonderful. vanessa

  • I thought it was beautiful and I think it resonated with me and Lydia

  • Hello dear Heike, thank you very much for the special offer. It called me. In the tarot I am the high priest. When I watched your video, my youngest son (10 years old) strangely came along. He is also a high priest. 🤔☺️ There are no coincidences... I'm curious what else may happen now. I am open to everything and want to serve the greater whole from the bottom of my heart. I send ☀️light & ❤️love and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your videos. ❤️❤️❤️ GlG Trixi

  • Dear Heike, yes... during the "now" rays and bright light in front of my inner eye. Starting from the center of the forehead? Surprise mixed with amazement. Breathing faster, pressed. being touched. I was able to calm down quickly. Kind regards Monika PS. Can't find the words

  • Dear friends, thank you very much. I feel very deeply touched. Greetings from heart to heart. Barbara Marie-Louise from Berlin

  • Wonderful, wonderful :-) I responded very well and was able to receive very nice pictures. Herzens_THANK YOU The video with the message touched me very much. After I understood why I'm here, I got goosebumps and cried. Touching tears of joy....💕 Thank you very much Heike. Sonja

  • Dear Heike, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work. 💚🧚💚 After listening to the activation I feel comfortable and nourished. Yes, the activation touches me and I go on openly and with joy. Kind regards, Kerstin

  • Colors yellow pink purple. warmth throughout the body. peace lightness float stability light rays contentment - Friederike

  • Your language of light also sounds somehow familiar to me - for me also an interesting and at the same time exciting realization. Thank you very much for your work 😚 Kind regards Alexandra

  • Dear Heike, many heartfelt thanks for your wonderful and valuable work, also from me. However, my very special thanks for your meditation on the High Priests Activation. In order to make my following words more understandable, I have to go back a bit. I lived in the Peruvian Amazon jungle from 2008 to 2013, where my first memories of the story of Lemuria and its downfall were awakened in me. So your meditation itself cost me a bit of overcoming at first. Secretly, I already knew what had to be healed in me in order to be able to fulfill my task as High Priestess. But now back to my information. In Peru I only lived my own memories and my own very spiritual life. In the course of time I received more and more pictures and information about the time of Lemuria just before the sinking. This also applies to the 5 D crystals, which are all anchored at a certain spatial distance in the trigon to each other, but also distributed over the earth, and whose tips incline more and more towards each other with every increase in energy, in order to capture the new cosmic energy here on earth to anchor. The downfall of Lemuria plays a very important role for Mother Earth, but especially for us humans. In your meditation, I took my place within the crystal circle as one of the 22 High Priestesses. Incidentally, 22 is exactly the number of facets of a Mer-Ka-Ba. Each of our seats was in a facet of the diamond crystal, pointing down toward the heart of Mother Earth. After we bonded, a Guardian of Light was placed behind each High Priestess to protect us from now on. This means that the 22 was doubled at the same time. However, I myself did not trust my guardian. I asked him to face me and show himself to me. However, he did not follow my request. So I started activating all of my light and enfolded my guardian with it. At the same moment I suddenly found myself in the middle of the diamond crystal circle, and at the same time received more and more images and information about the fall of Lemuria. But also about the role of Atlantis, my own, and what role the current quality of time plays in it. In other words, images and information that I have long been familiar with. What was new for me, however, was my own lack of trust in my then husband. The story of this would be too long to go into detail now. In short, I began to heal my hurt and mistrust of him. Suddenly another crystal descended from above, but with the tip pointing upwards. In the center of the crystal was my personal, indescribably luminous guardian. But now he was no longer behind me, but directly opposite me, and the crystals began to connect. At the same time, the two diamond crystals also changed their color from white to violet, activating the transformation gates of Amara Muru in Peru and Meru in the Himalayas. Thus, an enormous transformation process was initiated here on earth. It was energetically an indescribably powerful and uplifting image. By the way, about two years ago I received the order to build a double Mer-Ka-Ba. However, this is only the point in time when the merging between the earth and sky octahedron takes place for all high priests in a very conscious way. In 2011 I was instructed to change dimensions. You call it a ladder. At that time I was taught how to change dimensions via a torus field, similar to a ladder. What will currently happen for a large number of high priests is to simply change dimensions via this torus field without physical death in order to continue living on a higher level and to prepare everything for those who will follow them. So it will happen exactly what you have already mentioned in a video, albeit in slightly different words. We 22 high priests will also be able to change dimensions. However, not in order to remain there, but in order to return to the density again and again strengthened, and mainly to continue to work here on earth, and thus to enable the dimension change for all those who will still be ready for it in the future. The currently prevailing energy is enormously strong and triggers what is probably the most effective and significant light body process in us that we have ever experienced. So I have no choice but to simply surrender to the side effects of change and let everything happen that has to happen. Who knows, maybe my message will lead to the two of us exchanging ideas more often in the future. I would be delighted. I wish you and all of us a wonderful, instructive, exciting and uplifting journey into the next reality and reality that we are both so familiar with. Love Kam-Ha-Rha - ASHOKA - Beatrix Gabriel

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