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Evening meditations of the Essenes

for a relaxed sleep

Meditations to Reconnect with Nature & Cosmos - e-book for instant download.

The e-book contains links to animated music meditations to stream online for 1 year.

In this e-book with links to animated music meditations, the meditation techniques of the Essenes, passed down thousands of years ago, are presented in a modern form. The speaker and author of the e-book, Heike Michaelsen, has been practicing the connection, the so-called communions, for many years. Every day in the evening she connects with the cosmic spiritual elements of the Heavenly Father. In this way, one can very easily be guided back to one's true self and our inherent purpose in life. Scope: e-book with approx. 100 pages including bonus video links to wonderfully animated music meditations.

  • Angel of Power Meditation 10:12 min.

  • Angel of Love Meditation 12:23 min.

  • Angel of Wisdom Meditation 14:35 min.

  • Angel of Creative Work Meditation 11:25 min.

  • Angel of Eternal Life Meditation 11:12 min.

  • Angel of Peace Meditation 12:30 min.

  • Angel of the Heavenly Father 10:53 min.

  • Bonus Introduction "Angels of Cosmos & Nature" 14:17 min.

  • Bonus intro "The Wisest Book" 17:06 min.

  • Bonus: Peace meditation of a primitive people 2:53 min.

  • Bonus: God Speaks 3:15 min.

  • Bonus: God's Eternal Love 1:35 min.

  • Bonus: MotherOur 7:47 min.

  • Bonus: Goodness for us 12:11 min.

Please note: the e-book is currently still being edited or corrected.
Reduced introductory price: €29.99 incl. VAT. (D) E-book in pdf format

Payment is processed via DigiStore24. Seller: Heike Michaelsen / Parawdise LP –imprint

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