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Places of power in New Zealand

Organic travel guide with spiritual places of power and raw/vegan gastronomy

This e-book showcases New Zealand's raw food movement. We visit trendy and premier raw food restaurants in the cities of Auckland, Wellington, Nelson and many more. In addition, the travel guide takes you to the most beautiful places in the country as well as to places of power, beautiful beaches, historic places and the magical spiritual nature of the Maoris and Waitaha. Furthermore, places of power are presented, spiritual regions such as Stony Batter or magical Lemurian places such as the Coromandel Peninsula or Waiheke Island. From the content: Heike Michaelsen was in the emigrant paradise for a long time and explored the raw vegan scene. In this e-book she introduces the country, people, places and nature. She also tells emigrant stories from people who are living their dream here, such as the actress Sibylla Meckel, who runs a raw food business on a paradise island and shares one of her special raw food recipes with us. Heike also describes her own story, which brought her to the southern hemisphere in a magical way. Come to New Zealand,  the land of the long white cloud and discover the paradise of holy places, meditations and German emigrants. The e-book is currently still being edited/proofreading, so it is being offered at a discounted presale price of only:€29.99 incl. VAT (D) Extent: approx. 221 pages plus bonus article in pdf format. Payment is processed via DigiStore24. Seller: Heike Michaelsen  – imprint

Introduction to my New Zealand trip

Suddenly Down Under

Leylines, magical places and places of power

Have you heard of the power of a place? A place that is called a place of power? Would you like to learn about the major Earth energy centers in New Zealand and more about our ley line network?

There are many sacred sites throughout New Zealand. Some are better known than others. But all are of increasing importance at a time when the New Earth is revealing all of its mysteries. Of course, every country is sacred, but there are special places where you can feel the energy particularly intensely when entering the region or staying near these unique places of power. Many people find that they get a sense of clarity, their energy level increases, and sometimes they even get visions. A new atmosphere emerges and spreads, pervaded by calm, stillness and peace. All of this is often accompanied by an expansion of consciousness.

These places are energy centers. Sometimes they sit at junctions of the so-called leylines, also called kite lines. It is a kind of high vibrational earth grid, a matrix of sacred geometry that surrounds the earth.

Some of these places are chakra points (energy vortices) as we know them from our own bodies. For example located

  • the head chakra at Cape Reinga, the northernmost point of New Zealand,

  • the heart chakra is located near Lake Taupo, which is in the middle of the North Island, and

  • the sacral chakra is located on sacred Mount Cook, the highest mountain in the South Island.

  • Energy vortex at Maunganui Bluff, west coast of North Island - see more below.


Some energy vortices move clockwise giving people a sense of expansion, others move counter-clockwise giving a feeling of contraction, focus and concentration.


For those who have not lived in these sacred places before, it can sometimes feel uncomfortable and unsettling at first. It usually goes away over time as the body adjusts to these vibrations. Very often people are also almost magically attracted to these places, since their soul/body/spirit system needs this kind of energy for their own expansion of consciousness. Most of the time it serves to balance the polarities of the earth.

Most places are characterized by a prominent land feature such as mountains, specific hills, lakes, valleys, waterfalls, or rock formations. Very few of these places in New Zealand were built on or demarcated in any way, as is often the case in other countries...even though the Māori and other much earlier inhabitants of that country were aware of them.


Long ley line from Castle Hill to Santiago de Compostella


There are leyline experts who speak of a long leyline stretching from Castle Hill in New Zealand through Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Australia to Borobudur in Java, Indonesia. Extending the route through Asia, Ukraine and Central Europe, it eventually reaches Santiago de Compostella.

More info in the books:

Cook, Gary "The Secret Land: The People Before"

Cook, Gary "The Secret Land: Journeys Into the Mystery"

Cowan, James "Fairy Folk Tales of the Maori"

Doutre', Martin "Ancient Celtic New Zealand"

King, Michael "1000 Years of Maori History"

Poignant, R. "Oceanic and Australasian Mythology"

Rawson, Grace "Journey of the Symbols of New Zealand"

Maunganui Bluff

In March 2010 a group from the Dowsing Society decided to visit Maunganui Bluff on the west coast at Aranga in Northland. Their goal was to investigate a mysterious group of stones on the cliffs above the sea. The site consists of around 600 stones scattered over a small area that were once laid out in circular configurations. These stones ​​ have been extensively studied by Martin Doutré and are widely discussed. More in the book "Ancient Celtic New Zealand". Martin concluded that the stones from Maunganui Bluff are the remains of an ancient (pre-Maori) astronomical observatory which he called the "Waitapu Observatory". The stones are unfortunately now in a state of disrepair and largely destroyed, but enough stones ​​ remain to indicate that it was once a site of significant importance.   According to Martin Doutré, they contained codes for astronomical and geodetic observations. The Dowser's measurements have shown that the aura of the people who stay at this power place expands by a meter or more. This power platform is located on the route between the approximately 2,000-year-old kauri tree and guardian Tane Mahuta and the fantastically beautiful Kai Iwi Lakes - overnight tip: Wai Hou Oma Lodge.

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