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language of light

Light language is soul language that lies beyond the mind. Here you can do nothing right, nothing wrong, nothing good and nothing bad. Each of us carries an individual soul language, and this is as unique as our voice itself.... or like a fingerprint, which is neither beautiful nor ugly. With the language of light we move outside of all evaluations. The mind cannot understand this language, so at times it tends to judge it. And that is exactly the purpose of Soul Language... to move out of that very judgment to rise above it... above the mind... (heart over head instead of the other way around). Light language moves in a field of soul vibrations and frequencies that is built on light, love and compassion. Every language, every word, every sound we utter should be built on this level. Any form of condemnation ends here. Language of Light is being… “being like that” as the soul is expressing itself at this very moment.

In 2021 the language of light came to me, which activated and unfolded during a walk in nature.  It is as if the connection between the soul and the divine source finds an expression in that language. Since then I have received the light-filled frequencies and vibrations very consciously in this way. I share some in mineYoutube channeland in the Cosmic University.

Feedback on the language of light

  • Dear Heike, that went so deep. I could really feel how blockages dissolve and then I could breathe more deeply again. So valuable. Thank you Miriam

  • What a talent. What a gift! I am deeply touched inside, moved, gifted ... The composition of the pictures, your spoken words, the music, the singing ... Thank you for letting me experience it. ramona

  • The language of light, deeper than the sea, touched me deep in my heart and moved me to a real flow of tears. What indescribable power lies in it. Thank you for this beautiful meditation and your work with your voice and music. angela

  • Dear Heike, I breathed love through my heart with "Tiefer als das Meer"! The language of light, the music and the energy that resonate with the language of light through your voice - pure heart touch - I immerse myself in something that no one can give me emotionally. THANKS! Christian

  • Dear Heike, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your being, your commitment and your light work. The video "Tiefer als das Meer" really blew me away... Unexpectedly, the underwater images with your language of light and the music moved me so much that tears simply flowed. A feeling as if I were completely at home there and a great longing arose to be down there. I can't really grasp what happened. Thank you thank you thank you! Martina

  • Dear Heike, sincerely. Thanks to. I immediately cried and now I feel a lot more relieved. Carolin

  • Dear Heike, this music is wonderful!. I had felt unbalanced all day and I could already guess how the night would turn out. Then I listened to the music twice and I slept so wonderfully deep that today I am completely changed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your musical inspirations. Claudia

  • Wow dear Heike. Thank you with all my heart for this blessing. I still don't know how and in what words to dress. What that does inside me, outside of me. My body reacts with warmth, goosebumps.. Big touch.. I feel like someone from my family is talking to me, but even more intimately. So familiar. It's so calming and I feel so safe... maybe you can tell I'm totally overwhelmed right now. What is happening to me? Are there more of these? Thank you for making this possible as a channel and angel on earth and above all for sharing it with us. - Answer: It is a kind of soul memory. The soul remembers the soul family and beyond. One could also say that one retrieves "lost" parts of the soul that were never lost, but only forgotten or unaware.

  • Dear Heike, your videos are a balm and a wake-up call for me at the same time. You bring old knowledge so wonderfully to the point, lovingly accompanied with dreamlike landscape pictures and / or graphics. 1000 thanks, Saaje, Mahalo for you and your work. your Heike

  • Like a baby in Mama's arms, who cradles you in safety... that's also how to look at real art, or read the Vedas yourself and not the interpretation of others. Everyone gets what they need and find out for themselves what it does to them (power). I felt your genuine loving giving motherhood, my inner baby trusted you. Thank you very much

  • It's fascinating! Last Saturday, while out for a walk, a language suddenly came out that I didn't know myself and I thought I'd have to record it to maybe find out whether it's a specific language. When I watched videos of Heike back at home, I heard a speech at the beginning of one of the videos that sounded like the one from my walk and even then I was very surprised. I just thought it was New Zealand and now I'm reading about "Lichtsprache" for the first time..., here in the chat (Telegram).   Will keep an eye on it, more precisely an ear. Christiane

  • Dear Heike!!!! My heartfelt thanks!!!! Thanks to your contribution, I think I was finally able to heal the topic of guilt. Up until now I had a very great feeling of guilt which I believe is connected to Atlantis. The thought came that I should forgive myself. I could finally do that. Thanks!!!! Light and love ♡♡♡ and God's blessings to you!!! Andrea





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