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Recommended water filters



Water filter without electricity

The affordable ECAIA water filter produces ionized and antioxidant water. In addition, it reliably reduces pollutants, VOCs, ie volatile plastics, as well as drug residues and even heavy metals in the water. The filter is used and recommended by a number of leading raw food experts. It also ionizes the water and makes it antioxidant and slightly basic. This relatively inexpensive device is a great alternative to the more expensive water ionizers.

The filter technology was developed more than ten years ago together with Japan's leading water expert and author Whang Sang.



water ionizer

Leading health and raw food experts recommend purchasing a high-quality alkaline  water ionizer, because tap water and mineral water are largely not revitalized water and sometimes have an acidic pH value. An ionizer gives the water structure, makes it electrolytic and ionically charges it with oxygen so that it contains additional electrons.

According to the manufacturers, alkaline ionized clustered water from an ionizer is easily absorbed by the cells. An ionizer can also create acidic water, which is 100 times more effective at eliminating bacteria than any bleach.



We say why!

According to Foodwatch and a UNESCO study, not only tap water but also mineral water is sometimes contaminated with pollutants, heavy metals or drug residues. In addition, tap water and commercially available bottled water are not revitalized water. It is therefore advisable to filter or distill the tap water and then to energize it, ie revitalize it. A variety of devices are available for this purpose, such as distillers and water ionizers. With these devices, drinking water from the tap is filtered and cleaned. The water for sprouting and soaking nuts should also be filtered.

Der ECAIA - Wasserfilter

Ionisierung - basisch - energetisiert - antioxidant- esmog-geschützt - reduziert effektiv Schwermetalle & Co.
- empfohlen von Heike Michaelsen -

Eines der besten Wasserfiltersysteme, welches ich seit über 10 Jahren verwende, sind die ECAIA-Wasserfilter und Ionisierer. 

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