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Gourmet Raw Recipes

with warm 42 degree recipes
easy & super fast

In diesem E-Book werden leckere, schnelle, teils warme Rohkost-Rezepten_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_vorstellung, which the author Heike Michaelsen developed over the course of her ten-year vegan raw food diet. The main focus is on quick five-minute gourmet recipes as well as simple preparation. Many raw recipes are suitable for children and also for people who are new to vegan raw food. A large number of the raw recipes can also be prepared warm in 42 degree raw food quality. RAW ZEPT EXAMPLESSuppen: Goldene Curry-Kokos-Suppe, Brokkoliecremesuppe, Trüffel-Pilzcremesuppe, Tomatencremsuppe, Spinatcremesuppe mit Kokosblubb, Neunerle-Kräutersuppe – Brot:_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_Almond flaxseed bread, buckwheat hearts, tomato bread – Roh vegan cheese: cashew cream cheese, macadamia parmesan, cashew hemp mozzarella, macadamia cheese, avocado-lemon butter –_cc781905-5cde-4cde-319s Snacks : Carrot salmon raw vegan; yin yang avocado; Spicy coconut bacon, sweet potato chips, peanut snack, coconut chips, tamari almond snack, protein peas, salad variations – Main courses: Noodles with tomato sauce, Spaghetti CarbonaRAW, Kepl noodles with vegetable sauce, zucchini noodles with Cashew, sproghetti with macadamia parmesan, tagliatelle with sauce, curry ketchup, raw lasagne – Pizza Hawaii – Hawaii –_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-dish:ReryKois.CurryKois - Sliced, risotto with parsnip rice, spicy chili sin carne – cakes and sweets: berry cashew cake, banana bread with raspberry sauce, fruit jam, watermelon cake, fruit on a stick, fruit cookies – Superfood drinks:  Chaga Latte, Warm Creamy Cocoa, Seaweed Citrus Juice, Sun Tea, Watermelon Juice from the Shell and much more.

Selling price only: € 14.99 incl. VAT (D) - Size: 177 pages - in pdf format Payment is processed via DigiStore24. Seller: Heike Michaelsen Parawdise LP – imprint

5 minutes bread

Amateur video on quick preparation of raw buckwheat bread.

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