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Temple of Karma and Liberation

Temple of Karma and Liberation

GST Included

With your purchase, you will receive access to the below animated video meditations with music for online streaming via a pdf booklet.


    pdf booklet with the following video links to stream online:

    1. Meditation with astral projection to the temple of karma and liberation - length 1 hour 09:40 min.

    2. Companion E-Book and Text Affirming Free Will (about 9 pages in pdf format)

    In this meditation we visit the high temple of the world teacher Kuthimi to step out of the obligations of foreign karma dissolution and other old entanglements .


    Digital products will be shipped by email upon receipt of payment. By submitting the order, the AGB's with right of withdrawaland diePrivacy Policy  recognized and confirmed.

    With this product you will receive a pdf file containing a link to the animated meditation videos with music (the video is for online streaming / no video download). The video is available for an indefinite period - guaranteed for at least one year. An active internet connection is required to view/stream the video online. The video can be streamed as often as desired by the purchaser of this product within the access time (only for the purchaser and persons in the same household, commercial use excluded).

    Contractors: Heike Michaelsen, Cosmic University, New Zealand. Email:
    VAT for online events/digital products is 0% in New Zealand. Please note that the forwarding of the digital products is not permitted for copyright reasons of third parties .

  • Excerpt from the feedback:

    • This was the deepest, most healing, most liberating journey I have ever experienced. I thank you from a healed, freed heart and body with deep love. Light and love flow from heart to heart, your heart sister Ilse
    • Heartfelt thanks, dear Heike, for this meditation. What a "relief" I was allowed to feel... even when reading through the description of the meditation - and even more so when carrying it out. I am at a turning point in many/all places in my life. The explanations regarding the TASKS I have taken on here on Mother Earth were THE clue to understanding my path in life! Thank you thank you thank you for all your wonderful inputs in my life. NAMASTE ! Mona
    • Dear Heike, I'm not even trying to put it into words because it's indescribable. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this divine meditation and this experience that has been made possible for me. Ulrike
    • Dear Heike, thank you from the bottom of my heart - this information and the meditation came at just the right time today! It also fitted exactly into the information of today's Rauhnacht and other highly psychic, light-filled people. I thank the light-filled spiritual world for this help - I am so glad and happy and relieved! Merry Christmas to you all! Mariel
    • Dear Heike, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful journey to the Temple of Karma! Sooo many tears have flowed, sooo many old wounds have healed and huge ballast has been taken from me. I look forward to more love, light and ease for me and my fellow human beings. Merry Christmas, Carina
    • Dear Heike, that was a wonderful deep and uplifting meditation experience! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Vasanti
    • Wow, that took such a heavy chunk off my chest, I'm sooooo grateful to you, dear Heike, Karen
    • Oh I think you heard me whining 😂 Probably the best suitable gift for me right now. I'm really happy! 1000000 thanks Christina
    • Thank you very much dear Heike, I felt so relieved 🙏😇 Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏🙏🙏 be blessed, protected and protected, Monika
    • That was a wonderful, cleansing bath of light, heartfelt thanks, dear Heike. Sarah
    • Thank you for this valuable meditation. I feel free and completely in the light again. Sylvia light soul medium.
    • THANK YOU FROM HEART 💝 This was a very deep, healing and relieving meditation. I'm still composed. THANK YOU 💝 THANK YOU 💝 THANK YOU Kathrina
    • I am infinitely grateful 🙏❤️😘 Had to cry a lot, hope it gets easier now Carmen
    • Infinitely grateful and deeply touched. It was like a meeting full of love. I am very touched. ❤️ I can still feel my shoulders as if I could feel the burden that is now gone. Strangely with the coat on, I felt more comfortable on the outside and on the inside I broke. Now I can get used to the feeling of freedom, and for now I'm just a woman, mom and partner. 💫 And then I'll be happy to work for humanity or for Mama Earth again 🔆 But now I'm enjoying my freedom. Now I can really enjoy my vacation 💕💚💕 And dance, dance and dance, Christina
    • Thank you very much, dear Heike. Feeling blessed and soo relieved. Thank you, thank you, thank you Uta
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