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Chakra DNA Activation

Chakra DNA Activation

GST Included

pdf reading sample - With your purchase, you will get access to the below animated video meditations with music for online streaming via a pdf eBook.


    pdf booklet with video links to stream online.

    The fifth dimensional chakra opening

    This e-book briefly introduces the twelve chakras that will activate in the coming age. These are the seven known chakras and the five chakras of the Golden Age: the Earth Star chakra, which connects us to Mother Earth, the navel chakra, our center, and the three higher chakras above our crown. In addition, activation videos are linked in this e-book, with which we can open the chakras meditatively.

    Content: Foreword by the author, 12 frequencies & chakra DNA activation: The following 12 chakras are described and activated directly in the meditation. In the accompanying e-book these chakras are described with a short synopsis: 1. Earth Star Chakra - the awakened consciousness 2. Root Base Chakra - remembering where you came from 3. Sacral Chakra and Sacred Relationship 4. Navel Chakra - Connection with Eternal Life 5. Solar Plexus Chakra - Activation of the Inner Sun 6. Heart Chakra of Love 7. Throat Chakra to the Divine Voice 8. Third Eye Chakra for Inner Journeys 9. Crown Chakra of the Higher Frequencies 10. Causal Chakra - your personal Moon 11. Soul Star Chakra to Ascension 12. Stargate Chakra to Divine Source

    including the following video links for online streaming for 1 year (no downloads)* 

    1. Large Chakra Opening with DNA/Merkaba Activation 55:19 min

    Bonus - only for a short time:

    2. Solar Plexus Sun Activation Meditation 35:01 min.

    3. The 12 Frequency Activation Info Video 16:13 min.

    4th pole shift info video 20:38 min.

    5. DNA activation info video 15:59 min.

    Scope: about 40 pages DIN A4 in pdf format for immediate download plus meditation links to animated meditations accompanied by music.


    Digital products will be shipped by email upon receipt of payment. By submitting the order, the AGB's with right of withdrawaland diePrivacy Policy  recognized and confirmed.

    With this product you will receive a pdf file containing a link to the animated meditation videos with music (the video is for online streaming / no video download). The video is available for an indefinite period - guaranteed for at least one year. An active internet connection is required to view/stream the video online. The video can be streamed as often as desired by the purchaser of this product within the access time (only for the purchaser and persons in the same household, commercial use excluded).

    Contractors: Heike Michaelsen, Cosmic University, New Zealand. Email:
    VAT for online events/digital products is 0% in New Zealand. Please note that the forwarding of the digital products is not permitted for copyright reasons of third parties .

  • Excerpt from the feedback:

    That was soooo wonderful ️ My whole body is tingling and I'm fulfilled ️. Thank you very much for this extraordinary meditation, Brigtitta

    Wow, this beautiful and enchanting meditation is sooooo full of light, nourishing, healing and soooo beneficial on all levels! Thank you, dear Mother Earth, thank you, dear Heavenly Father, thank you, dear Heike, for your being, your love and your work!!!

    It was magical! As I was listening to your video, the morning sun rose with us and shone warmly on my face. I had tears in my eyes after the meditation... Beautiful... Thank you so much Maria

    I am so touched, indescribable, it is the purest balm for me and my soul. With great gratitude and respect in warm solidarity, Annette

    Whenever I shed tears, I know something has come loose. Now I feel connected in love again. That was right on today. Christina

    With what great simplicity you pass on such messages to us - it's so great - thank you very much, dear Heike!!! Andreja

    THANK YOU for the beautiful image sequences, for your gentle loving voice and the wonderful meditation/activation!!! ... my cells are dancing in the inner sunlight this morning ... so grateful Regina

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