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Ophiuchus Meditation

Ophiuchus Meditation

GST Included

With your purchase, you will receive access to the below animated video meditations with music for online streaming via a pdf booklet.


    pdf booklet with the following video links to stream online:

    1. Meditation with Ophiuchus, the healer and serpent bearer and 13th constellation of the zodiac - length 30:40 min.

    2 explanatory videos on the 13 constellations with short meditation (one from my YouTube channel)

    In these meditations we connect with Ophiuchus, the serpent bearer, healer and 13th constellation in the zodiac. In addition, we are accompanied by the wise council of 12 - the Intergalactic Council. We can also expect a gentle kundalini awakening, which is played very gently into the video.

    If you want to connect intensely with Ophiuchus, the serpent carrier, to learn more about him yourself, then this meditation is for you. In order to absorb the special healing energy from this constellation, you can do the meditation regularly.

    The energy can be received all year round but is particularly intense when the sun passes through this constellation from November 30th to December 18th. You can also feel the energy a few days before and after this time, so that it not only accompanies us during the Advent season, but also over the Christmas period.


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    With this product you will receive a pdf file containing a link to the animated meditation videos with music (the video is for online streaming / no video download). The video is available for an indefinite period - guaranteed for at least one year. An active internet connection is required to view/stream the video online. The video can be streamed as often as desired by the purchaser of this product within the access time (only for the purchaser and persons in the same household, commercial use excluded).

    Contractors: Heike Michaelsen, Cosmic University, New Zealand. Email:
    VAT for online events/digital products is 0% in New Zealand. Please note that the forwarding of the digital products is not permitted for copyright reasons of third parties .

  • Excerpt from the feedback:

    My first impulse was sooo positive and coherent, a great gift to hear and feel. In the following, simply letting things arrive is important to me. Can't be described with words, probably. also not necessary. With love and gratitude for EVERYTHING. Ingrid Schr.

    That was breathtaking, thank you very much, dear Heike, it feels so wonderful, so healing and harmonious... I'm totally filled with this light and this vastness... Maren W.

    Such a soothing, warming, deep healing energy flows in, my heart field becomes white and flooded with such powerful healing light energy. I see this great white heart of light shining over the earth in deep gratitude and peace. Such powerful healing energy is overwhelming. Schumann

    Thank you, dear Heike, for  these explanations and the soothing, healing language of light. Monica St.

    Dear Heike, thank you very much for this valuable information and the powerful meditation! I am on 12/17. born and I totally identify with your description! Suzanne S

    A very beautiful meditation, in which we perceive and accept our real connection very well. This beautiful gift is a divine blessing for us and the well-being of the eternal existence of love, warm greetings and a loving thank you for reminding us of it so deeply in us and letting us participate. Be blessed and have a very fulfilling Advent season everyone!!! It's good that you exist!!!! Simone

    Dear Heike, thank you very much for bringing back old memories. This meditation was so full of light and healing. This deep connection to the serpent bearer Ophiuchus was so familiar. With great gratitude I was able to receive a lot of light-filled healing energy and activations. Then I saw Ophiuchus radiate streams of healing light upon the earth into the new golden Mother Earth Grid. How powerful and wonderful. The light under our feet. Our feet as light bearers. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I send you lots of light and love and blessings. Sophia

    Thank you very much dear Heike for the very powerful video with the healer and snake bearer Ophiochus. He is in wonderful and light-filled energies, which we all let flow in. Thank you so much. Ingrid

    So beautiful and deeply touching! I say "thank you" from the bottom of my heart, dear Heike! Ulrike

    Thank you very much, dear Heike, for the beautiful and very intensive, light-filled meditation. Wow... Definitely keep doing these beautiful meditations. I wish you a wonderful bright evening. ✨🌙 😇

    Wonderful! What powerful and protective energies! 1000   Thanks for that dear Heike and all of you! A dreamy night! Ingrid

    Many thanks, dear Heike. There are no words for this dedication to unconditional love. Renate

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