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Moon Meditations

Moon Meditations

GST Included

With your purchase you will get access to the below animated video meditations with music for streaming online via a pdf eBook.


    pdf booklet with video links to stream online.

    This e-book presents wonderful moon meditations on special star constellations, for example a triple super full moon series in which we visit a light ship of the star peoples, travel with the unicorns or get to know other dimensions through a galactic energy vortex._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

    Bonus links to animated meditations set to music for streaming
    1. Activation of the Personal Moon in the Causal Chakra - 14:30 min.

    2. Moon Castle of Harmonization Meditation  24:59 min.

    3. Bluemoon energy - once to the moon and back again 19:19 min.   
    SUPER FULL MOON TRILOGY  with bonus attunement
    4. Pink Moon Meditation with Lightship and the Unicorns 1:16:00 min.  
    5. Super full moon with lunar eclipse 13:13 min.   
    6. Super Full Moon Solstice with Galactic Energy Vortex 41:45 mins  

    7. Moon meditation of self-love with light song 13:13 min.
    BONUS Video Posts - Moons of New Beginnings     
    8. First New Moon of the Year of Heart Intuition    
    9. First full moon of the year in the Mondin energy bath     

    Scope: approx. 30 pages DIN A4 in pdf format for immediate download plus bonus video links
    Discounted pre-sale price because the book has not yet been edited or proofread.


    Digital products will be shipped by email upon receipt of payment. By submitting the order, the AGB's with right of withdrawaland diePrivacy Policy  recognized and confirmed.

    With this product you will receive a pdf file containing a link to the animated meditation videos with music (the video is for online streaming / no video download). The video is available for an indefinite period - guaranteed for at least one year. An active internet connection is required to view/stream the video online. The video can be streamed as often as desired by the purchaser of this product within the access time (only for the purchaser and persons in the same household, commercial use excluded).

    Contractors: Heike Michaelsen, Cosmic University, New Zealand. Email:
    VAT for online events/digital products is 0% in New Zealand. Please note that the forwarding of the digital products is not permitted for copyright reasons of third parties .

  • Excerpt from the feedback:

    I can't find the words to express how much your meditation touched my heart. I am in tears and my cells are being flooded with the healing, soft light of the full moon. I feel more connected than ever to its power and magic. And thank you, thank you for reminding us that in the dark lies our greatest potential. It's time that we stopped being scared and started falling in love more and more. ️ Thank you also for your beautiful pictures - the rose, the full moon, the water, the mountains, and of course the unicorn... I just feel blessed by your magical video. Heartfelt thanks and light greetings from Susanne, Dear Heike, thank you ️ I shed a few tears during this wonderful meditation, Milli

    Your voice in connection with the text and the pictures are so wonderfully healing and magical, thank you very much, Ute

    It was so beautiful and moves me deep in my heart. Thank you very much, Dorothee

    It is always a joy of the heart to watch and experience your videos ️ the fascination for your warm, soft loving words and your fantastic pictures that you bring to the videos is always admirable ️ my evening will be entirely dedicated to this Germanic night ️ thank you for all your impulses Kind regards, Freyja

    Was magical and very touching... like a journey into the primal reason,..into the eternity, so light....breath of eternal being. The scent of roses was present... the room was filled. gerald

    Thank you for this wonderful journey... I enjoyed it very much... And your design of the video, this compilation of the pictures is simply gigantic. Thank you from deepest Zen, Roswitha

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