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Crystal Worlds InnerEarth

Crystal Worlds InnerEarth

GST Included

With your purchase, you will receive access to the below animated video meditations with music for online streaming via a pdf booklet.


    pdf booklet with the following video links to stream online:

    1. Meditation with Archangel Chamuel and Visit to the Rose Quartz Fields of InnerErde - length 28:06 min.

    2. Meditation Journey to the Diamond and Gem Frequencies of InnerEarth with Visit to the Pyramid and Nourishing Bath in the Gold Spring (inl. Essential Elixir) - Length 33:31 min.

    3. Only for a short time: Live recording of an out of body experience to the Crystal Temple, approx. 1.5 hours

    This Lemurian healing journey takes us to the crystal fields of inner earth. We start in a field of flowers, in the middle of which stands a wonderful crystal that forms the entrance portal to the inner earth. We drive in with a magnetic levitation train and first go through a crystal cleaning. Afterwards we will be introduced to the new technique of plasma teleportation in the crystal world. At the end we get a rejuvenating elixir of life (mother's milk from mother earth), the recipe of which we can reproduce at home at any time with the power of our higher spirit.

    Another journey is accompanied by Archangel Chamuel, who guards the great rose quartz fields of the earth.


    Digital products will be shipped by email upon receipt of payment. By submitting the order, the AGB's with right of withdrawaland diePrivacy Policy  recognized and confirmed.

    With this product you will receive a pdf file containing a link to the animated meditation videos with music (the video is for online streaming / no video download). The video is available for an indefinite period - guaranteed for at least one year. An active internet connection is required to view/stream the video online. The video can be streamed as often as desired by the purchaser of this product within the access time (only for the purchaser and persons in the same household, commercial use excluded).

    Contractors: Heike Michaelsen, Cosmic University, New Zealand. Email:
    VAT for online events/digital products is 0% in New Zealand. Please note that the forwarding of the digital products is not permitted for copyright reasons of third parties .

  • Excerpt from the feedback:

    “This journey is “pure magic”, with the possibility (LIGHT) of visual imagination through the magical video. The crystals are known to me through the light body training... Everything makes sense, deep sense. My memory is fully animated. Thank you" - Heike K.

    "NAMASTE - I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for this WONDERFUL meditation into the crystalline & healing & nurturing world of Mother Earth of the most diverse dimensions. I felt the ESSENER family and we held hands in the large Lemurian crystal or diamond together with Jesus and Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary and Sara. At the GOLDEN BALL, ALL the sisters of the sisterhood touched the ball. I felt so many hands full of light. I THANK YOU again from the bottom of my heart for this WONDERFUL experience and meditation. AN'ANASHA." - Melanie L.

    "I have just pre-experienced part  of your meditation ....rainbow colors fell in the earth cave of a white venerable woman....and now this wonderful one Journey to the crystals, into the  making the earth's's unbelievable and natural at the same time. My unicorn will now accompany me into my  dreams ....The rock crystals and rose quartz are ready....and gratitude for you, all_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ and all." - Ruth Z.

    “Such a beautiful picture of the mother energy that we were allowed to receive now. I was so extremely thirsty after the session... and now I'm downright addicted to this elixir of life. So nice to see that like that. That makes the trip perfect. Thank you, sisters.” - Heike

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