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Cosmic University Scholarship

The majority of Cosmic University programs are offered on a donation basis.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who support the Cosmic UniversityDonatesupport.


Of course, financial resources are not the only way to balance energy.
If you want to study at the Cosmic University and participate in certain programs,
feel free to get involved in other ways.


For example, we get:

  • self-composed music with which we are allowed to accompany videos

  • wonderful energy images in which the frequencies of our meditations are captured

  • Support in proofreading or translation of texts

  • or whatever is the wonderful gift of our readers and listeners.

In addition to the free programs, there are also a few live programs that are offered, among other things, for a fee with cooperation partners. If you're receiving a strong call to join one of the paid programs but don't currently have the financial means, feel free to ask about paying in installments or apply for a scholarship. Simply send us an e-mail with your request (e-mail addressplease referimprint). Please let us know if or how you can or would like to get involved in other ways.

The Cosmic University was founded by Heike Michaelsen in May 2021. 

The following teaching and commemorative programs are currently available:

Holistic Spirituality, Out of body experience and meditation

Sustainable healthy nutrition / vegan raw food according to the Essenes

Connection to the seven natural elements and the seven cosmic elements. 

Structure of Lemurian groups

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