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The Intergalactic Council

The High Council of the 12 Galactic Masters

The Intergalactic Council has existed for eons of years. Members of the Council are Jesus and Mary Magdalene, representatives of cosmic love and bringers of the Christ Light, Saint Germain, custodians of civilization and violet flame, the seventh dimensional lightship commander Adonai Ashtar, who deploys the entire intergalactic light fleet of space to protect the earth and the stars, Guanyin, goddess of mercy, Maitreya, master of the great white brotherhood, the ancient priest-avatar Serapis Bey, who looks after the golden pyramid in Hollow Earth, the world teacher Kuthumi, El Morya, master of the divine will, master Marko, who is the high technology of the United Universes, Hilarion, Master of the Orange Ray of Science and Technology, and Paul the Venetian, Master of Art and Creativity. When attending this council, our twelve chakras are opened and connected to form a pillar of light. In addition, in the Bonus Link Meditations we can learn more about our Earth Mission and become a representative of the Council on Earth.

Bonus links to animated musical meditations to stream for at least 1 year

- please note: the video links included in the e-book are for online streaming only -

  • The Intergalactic Council - The High Council of the Twelve Mighty Beings - 17:19 min.

  • Meditation Journey with the Dark Blue Galactic Dragons to the Council - 33:30 min.

  • Astral journey to the South Pole with beneficial plasma energy from the solar eclipse

In the online space, renting videos is common. You often pay around 10 euros for a monthly access to just one video. In comparison, accessing several videos for one year is far cheaper with us. We assume that access from the linked bonus videos  will be retained for a longer period of time, but cannot make a binding commitment due to licensing rights. 


Visit of the Star Brothers and the Intergalactic Council

Many souls are currently being activated on Earth for their higher destiny,

which can be closely related to the star siblings.

Kosmischer Meilenstein 5D-Aktivierung Antarktis mit Neumond-KoronaSonnenFinsternis über dem Südpol 💫

Kosmischer Meilenstein 5D-Aktivierung Antarktis mit Neumond-KoronaSonnenFinsternis über dem Südpol 💫

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​ Feedback:

  • Thank you very much you are truly an earth angel. I have no words to describe the endless love I experienced. This warmth of connection and uniqueness is heavenly and I feel the strong connection deep within me. I will work with this energy and serve for the highest good of humanity. Suzanne

  • Dear Heike, thank you very much for this wonderful journey and enrichment for my life. I will use them for the good of all. In gratitude and love for your wonderful daily companionship, Petra

  • Wow my chakras are one now and thank you for this deep experience you gave us. Human words cannot describe this. Silke

  • Thank you very much for your wonderful, beneficial I am reminded to bring out my e-book on the Intergalactic Council, which I had purchased a long time ago, and to remind myself of my tasks.. Not only those Travel to the council, the other meditations are just wonderful. Angelica

  • Thank you dear Heike for this wonderful meditation. 💖🙏 I'm sitting in Spain with the sun on my back and come back from this meditation trip completely changed. Hillarion was with me. I quit my job at the end of January and am now traveling. Since then, Aura-Soma has come back into my life in many ways, almost magically, including today. I worked as a teacher for the system for a long time. But now there are completely new impulses. I've been sick the last few days. But now a new vitality and hope flows through me. THANK YOU 🌱 All the best to you and all of you. Vasanti

  • I'm lost for words. Deeply touched and fulfilled. From my deep heart Thank you for this wonderful deep experience. Truly a gift. Thank you thank you thank you. Beate

  • Deep thanks, dear Heike and all the light beings who support us. So powerful, full of light, fulfilling. That gives me great confidence in our future, Gina

  • Great thanks! It was very easy to get there and to immediately see and let the energies flow in. This grace is wonderful! greetings.

  • WOW, what a meditation 🙏🏼♥️ This energy was very strong but also very beautiful, thank you Linda

  • Thank you very much, dear Heike, for the very luminous and beautiful full moon meditation on the intergalactic art. It was very luminous and powerful and so beautiful to see the 12 high luminous beings. 🙏🙏🙏 Dear Heike, you do it so wonderfully and it is always an honor to take part in these very valuable meditations with you. Thank you very much, Ingrid

  • Thank you very much, dear spiritual sister. Thank you for your way of being and that you accompany me in my way of being and that you made the connection to the intergalactic council possible for me today. Hugs, Ilse

  • Deeply touched and full of gratitude, tears flowed during the meditation. What a wonderful gift 🙏🏻. Thank you, Maike

  • Dear Heike!!  I'm totally blown away.... briefly to the intergalactic council and back again 🤪🎢. … initiation as a messenger as gift and light bearer of all master aspects. WOW!! Sooo much love makes me flat ... like a terrestrial flounder. I have no idea what that has to do with the full moon...I accept it wholeheartedly. For me it's the intensity of love madness. Claudia

  • Dear Heike WOW the Intergalactic Council floods my entire BEING just acquired mp3. Your daily WORK the help through the healing meditations help me a lot and they are not that long. To BE with these vibrations, to spread them in everyday life, to help the world, the universe, the ALL ONE in me and around me, so valuable, what could be nicer. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU TRUE PURE LOVE. Yes, and REMEMBER more and more every day. I send blessings to you. Anna Maria

  • Thanks very much! I did the meditation twice yesterday! So beautiful! You really have a talent for it, thanks for sharing it with us. Daniela

  • Dear Heike, today I would like to finally say thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙏 For all the so indescribably wonderful videos and messages (also belated, for the beautiful advent calendar '21💫). So beautiful and deeply touching... you have such an enchanting gift 🌈🍀☀️ thank you from the bottom of my heart. Today I have some time and am enjoying it very intensely right now... with many tears of deep touch 🥲, the messages from God: "Souls guided into the new time".
    Thank you also for this full moon meditation, I will enjoy it right away🥰. Feel great, lovingly hugged with great joy 💞! Warmest Silvia R.

  • Thank you dear Heike for this wonderful high-energy meditation. I just did it and it was so full of light, I could feel that I was well protected. Will buy them tomorrow. Thanks for that, Margaret

  • Many thanks, dear Heike Deeply touching; I was there that night. Namaste` for your being. Sigrid Nirima Abebe

  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful meditation, dear Heike. I remember being at this place a few years ago. Marisa

  • Wow😇 that was overwhelming, I could feel how an operation had taken place in the throat and navel chakra, after which some tears ran, thanks to all beings of light.

  • Dear Heike, heartfelt thanks for this wonderful journey to the 12 masters of the intergalactic council. Your spoken words, the universal sounds and images fit together so beautifully, thank you very much for that as well. It touched me down to the deepest cell level, angel skin all over my body!!! The love of the masters so clearly and strongly perceptible and the connection is now so much nourished and strengthened! Thank you for your blessed gifts that you share with us, dear Heike, Namasté, Susanne

  • Dear Heike, ❤️ Thank you very much for this beautiful meditation and the unique encounter with the Intergalactic Council, so that I can act as a light ambassador. Be blessed for your wonderful being and doing. Love, Roland

  • Thank you very much for this wonderful access, I am completely filled with it. Kind regards, Ute

  • DEAR HEIKE, THANK YOU for your wonderful, powerful LIGHT meditation. I've already listened to it 3 times, it floods me with a pleasant warmth. All love to you. Maria-T.

  • Thank you very much, dear Heike, for this wonderful meditation. I love your voice. It gives me security and the feeling of security 🙏 The meditation is very effective. My pineal gland is now working hard. barbara

  • Dear Heike, I've finally arrived in my true home! At home!!! Namaste, Carolina

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